A Simple, Organic Skincare Routine

Organic Skincare Routine

Not sure where to start?  What products to use?  How to use them?  Here's my starting point for you.

I'm new to natural skincare, where do I start?

Start with our cult Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter.  Great skin starts with clean skin, and it's perfect for all skin types.  Here's my simple, paired down method that works. 

 It doesn't take forever - think 2 minutes max and no grappling with 3 different products.  No tight skin feeling afterwards and no stinging eyes.  It's genius even if I do say so myself!  It is a balm product that you use with a cloth.  More of that here.

 If you are absolutely wedded to a wash off product, try our Apricot Geranium Cleansing Bar with organic almond and apricot oils.   It is very gentle and won't strip your skin like many foaming type products.

Award winning British. Organic Skincare

Next comes moisture, ditch dry skin, manage finicky breakout prone skin and manage any specific problems eg rosacea, eczema, sensitivity etc.

I offer a choice of facial oils, a cream product and an intensive balm product.

Facial oils are my first choice for almost all of my clients.  I know oil sounds scary but really unless you are dripping in oil, they are a great choice for all skin types.  Have a look at some of the testimonials for our facial oils and see the difference they have made to other customers; they do the job!  Read more about how facial oils work here. 

Our Radiance Facial Essence and our Deep Nourish Facial Essence can both be used morning and/or night and can be layered with our Radiance Cream or Intensive Balm. I recommend the Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula for oily, combination skin that can break out, and the Deep Nourish Facial Essence with Rose & Blackcurrant for skin that's on the dry side,  or for older skins.  

When my skin gets very dry, I like to use the Deep Nourish first and then the Radiance Cream or Intensive Balm on top.

If a facial oil is a step too far, I have 2 other options for you.  Our Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense is a gentle and rich moisturiser, particularly suited to dry, parched skin and is exceptionally good in a cold climate.  It can be used on its own or layered with one of our facial oils and used morning and/or evening.

Our Intensive Balm with Marshmallow & Frangipani is a decadently scented (with essential oils only!) balm which is perfect to nourish and moisturise skin that needs a little TLC.  It has a rich texture, and is concentrated, so only the smallest amount is needed.  I particularly like to use this at night where the beautiful essential oils help me relax before bed, and I wake up with soft, moisturised skin versus dry, tight, papery skin. 

 Our Intensive Balm is also a great little multi-tasker, it's gentle enough for your face but great on any other hand, body bits.  Dry legs, chapped hands, sore fingers.  It is also perfect when flying and all of the moisture is being sucked out of your skin.

For eyes, take a look at our Rejuvenating Eye Serum with Rose & Starflower, this is particularly good for those annoying fine lines, or if your eyes get dry and itchy.  It's an oil based serum with organic rosehip oil and arnica oil which helps with any puffiness.  You only the tiniest amount, literally a drop off the end of the pipette which I apply with my ring finger.


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