5 Reasons to pick a Bath Oil over Bubbles

5 Reasons to pick a Bath Oil over Bubbles

Bubbles versus an oil, it almost feels like it's a no-brainer,  after all, who doesn't love sinking into a tub of warm, bubble filled water?  It's the ultimate food for the soul, a chance to wash away the stresses and strains of the day and indulge in a few precious minutes of pleasure.
Do it all Organic Beauty Balm Hacks for Busy Women

Do it all Organic Beauty Balm Hacks for Busy Women

Time starved and under pressure to look good  a clean beauty balm that can multi task gives you options, and options make our lives a little easier. 

4 Reasons to Love our Facial Essence!

This was the first product I ever formulated, and it is still one of my favourites!  

Benefit 1 - The Rose Tree's Facial Essence with Rose & Marula hydrates and softens the most sensitive of skins, reducing the appearance of fine lines, without leaving a greasy residue.

The triple duty Facial Essence, like the rose tree, renews and revitalises.

It is packed with antioxidant rich, bio-active lipids with ten potent plant botanicals.


Benefit 2It is perfect for ladies with oily skin and will not cause a break out!  So may of my customers are afraid of using an oil, but it is one of the best ways to hydrate your skin as the weather turns colder.

It delivers the right amount of hydration without leaving the skin with an oily residue.  It multitasks as a morning moisturiser or an evening treatment, and an be used underneath makeup if desired.

Benefit 3Texture improving, refining and conditioning our Facial Essence is formulated with organic Rose Fruit Oil.  

For skin that can be prone to redness, the FairTrade Marula Oil reduces redness and helps restore its natural glow, and organic Frankincense and Palmarosa give a subtle scent that is all natural.  

Benefit 4Still unsure?  Here is what some of my customers are saying:

'Most Beautiful Serum ever used.. it makes my skin feel like silk, so smooth and soft'

'Awesome - it has improved my sensitive/combination skin so much in a week and reduced break outs!'

'Love it!  People have commented on how my complexion has improved.'

'So Great, you don't need very much, a little goes a long way!'








London Boutique Opens!

Exciting news… you can now shop for your favourite TRT goodies in our London boutique.  We are thrilled to be sharing the London home of luxe British Womenswear brand Matilda & Quinn and classic and contemporary London Jewellery brand, Kastur Jewels!

Set in the heart of Islington (right next to Carluccio's, so the perfect opportunity for brunch, or a glass of something nice … you see how our mind works); along side their full collections, the boutique, Gallery 5,  showcases independent British luxury brands, of which The Rose Tree is proud to be one.

Come along and say hi, and take the opportunity to play around with our award winning organic skincare to see what your skin likes the best and to snap up some of our eco luxe pure flower oil candles.

Gallery 5
309 Upper Street
London N1 2TU

Monday - Wednesday 1030 - 1830
Thursday - Saturday 1030 - 1900
Sunday - 1200 - 1800

Radiant Skin whatever your age!

We would all love to believe in the power of miracle potions and the promise that they can make you look 10 years younger over night; but sadly these exaggerated claims are exactly that, the difference being that as we get older we are smart enough to see through the hype.  (Well most of the time anyway).   

 But that is not to say we can't have radiant, fabulous skin as we age.  Healthy skin is within all of our grasp.  Here are our favourite tips and tricks for achieving radiance for older skins.

 Moisturise, Moisturise and moisturise again.  The skin is our largest organ, and is where we first see the signs of ageing.  Looking after your skin pays dividends; the more effort you put in,  the better it can withstand the ageing process.

 Ageing skin is prone to dry patches, especially around the cheeks and forehead.  A good hydrating product will help alleviate this dryness; and improve radiance over all.

Tailor how you moisturise your skin to suit you.  Find the ingredients and texture that works for you and go with it.  Our Facial Essence, a facial oil, contains organic Rose Fruit oil, Marula Nut oil, Camellia, Raspberry Seed, Hazel Nut and Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract amongst others;  to improve hydration and the appearance of fine lines.  

 Or our organic Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense includes Aloe Vera,  Beeswax,  Cocoa Butter,  Frankincense,  Linseed Oil, Olive Oil, and Rose Otto Flower Oil to delivery serious moisture.  Not sure which is better for you, check out our post here.

 Let your skin breathe.  Less is more.  Go easy on the make up; you are looking to minimise any imperfections and highlight your assets. Give your skin time to breathe in between make up days.

The skin around your eyes is super delicate; use a product that is specifically designed for the eyes.  Our Rejuvenating Eye Serum contains organic Starflower oil and Rose Fruit Oil to combat lines.

 Get enough sleep; tired skin is very ageing, a good night's sleep will show in your face!

When you apply your product, practice a spot of facial massage.  Spending a moment doing this regularly will help your skin glow.  Not sure how, check out our post here!

 Come and share your top tips with us, we would love to hear what works for you!

 And don't forget we are offering FREE shipping on all UK orders placed over £30