Are you looking for amazing skin?  Healthy, radiant skin that leaves you free to tell your story, to face outwards into the world looking your best, with power and confidence? 

Do you worry about any of the following?

  • Dehydrated, sensitised skin?
  • Dull, tired and rough textured skin
  • Skin that is dry and oily and prone to breakouts?
  • Red-ness?
  • That endless list of unpronounceable ingredients that you are not sure whether is helping or hindering your skin?
  • Being able to relax and indulge yourself with the ingredients are actually good for your skin and are not killing the planet?

We are all about sustainable organic luxury in a world of overwhelm
We are all about stunningly effective skincare with potent flower & plant essences
We are all about indulgent and head-space creating hand poured luxury candles with pure flower oils

We are about making you feel amazing in your skin!

 The Rose Tree's award winning collection is the ultimate luxury, formulated and created by hand; not on an anonymous conveyer belt by a faceless corporation, but ingredient by ingredient, piece by piece by hand with love, to give you the skin you deserve.

 The Rose Tree was born out of a passion by our founder Olga's desire to harness the power of our beautiful world's natural resources while combining these with today's science to bring you gloriously luxurious products that will make your skin radiate health.

Rose Tree Founder Olga Rumble It can seem that our world values less and less its natural resources, with huge areas of land being cleared for profit with little or no thought being given to the consequences; plant life, animals, insects, and the resulting impact on you and I, whether it be the declining bee population or plants that might prove to be the medicines of tomorrow.

We utilise these natural resources as foundation ingredients in our sumptuous skincare range, not just the oils and butters that most of us have heard of; the jojoba oil, the shea butter etc., but also formulate with the most powerful anti-ageing cosmeceuticals with bioactive lipids, EFAs (essential fatty acids), vitamins, antioxidants and other botanical actives.

 This is what we are passionate about at The Rose Tree, utilising and in turn protecting these resources while being able to craft them into our award winning skincare and candle range that will make your skin sing and uplift your spirit.


Luxurious, Effectual & Indulgent

So now you are getting a feeling for what we are about.  We are passionate about making products that are effective, luxurious and indulgent, irrespective of whether you have a few snatched minutes to yourself or you are all about the full Monty indulgent pampering session -  Beautifully presented, stylish and functional.


Organic Ingredients

We try to be 100% transparent about the ingredients we use - after all without that information you cannot make an informed decision about what suits your skin.  Most of our ingredients are organic - and we indicate on both our labelling and in our product information which are and which are not.  Wwon't shy away from using non-organic ingredients where we think that is a better choice.   Our luxurious Tahiti Cocoa Lip Butter is made from Monoi de Tahiti, coconut oil infused with tiare flowers from French Polynesia using a method that has been honed over many centuries.  It is protected by an appelation d'origine to prove that it's genuine, but it is not available with an organic status.