Cleansing 101 - Get Amazing Skin Super Fast

Cleansing 101 - Get Amazing Skin Super Fast

Ditch the Complexity


When did cleansing get so complicated? 

Multiple products, a 6 step process that takes the best part of an hour to work through when you are lucky to get 5 minutes. 

That fits firmly into the camp of rising at 5am with a yoga session and Auravedic tea, before rustling up a breakfast of buckwheat porridge and raw berries. 

Nope me neither.  I LOVE the idea  - but practicality wins out every time.

A 2 Minute Routine That Works..


Here is my  simple, paired down method that works.  It doesn't take forever - think 2 minutes max and no grappling with 3 different products.  No tight skin feeling afterwards and no stinging eyes, but great at removing eye makeup.  It's genius even if I do say so myself.

You need to cleanse morning and night.  There's no room for negotiation here. 

At night to take off all the rubbish that's accumulated over the day, and in the morning because your skin has been busy repairing itself though the night. 

By all means go for a lighter option in the morning.

Oil is your friend.  Most of you know already that I am a huge oil fan.  (Natural plant oils obviously). 

An oil based cleanser will gently cleanse at the same time hydrating and prepping your skin for your day ahead. 

Oil & Oily, Combination Skin


For oily, combination skins, an oil based product will help balance oil production and reduce oiliness and breakouts.  Yup really.  The only possible exception is if your skin is super oily where you might want to try a wash off product. 

But overall I am not a fan of harsh, foaming products.  If you must, go for gentle - try  something like our AG Cleansing Bar with organic almond and apricot oils.

Massage your oil based cleanser gently into your skin.  With my Carrot & Mango Butter I like to warm the butter in my fingers, massage into my skin, finish with my eyes if I am wearing eye makeup and then remove with a cloth wrung through with hand hot water.  Repeat if you wish (see my note below).

The Best Cleansing Cloth


A cloth is a cloth.  I do (weirdly) have a thing about muslin; I like the slightly rough feel of muslin on my skin, mildly exfoliating.  But it's down to personal preference.  It has to be clean though, but a flannel will work fine.  Stock up, a fresh one daily please, then bung in the wash.

Double Cleansing?


To double cleanse or not, that is the question…  Lots of makeup, primer, foundation, eye shadow and a jaunt though smog filled London streets before work?   Double cleansing is going to be a good idea.  Not big on makeup?  Less so. 

There's no need for different products, a specialist eye makeup remover, an oil based cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser. 

You are aiming for clean, comfortable, nourished skin, not scrubbed raw, stripped and sensitised skin. 

I would much rather you use one product with great ingredients and that works. 

We pack our Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter with good stuff; mango butter for nourishment,  organic carrot oil to counteract dullness. 

A balm not for you?  Try one of the great cleansing oil products on the market  instead.  Find a product that you love. 

 Phew.  Super quick, great healthy skin.  Job done.

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