Put oil on my face we hear you shriek, are you mad! Using oil on your face will break you out!  Using oil on your face will block your pores!  Using oil on your face is bad!    

And yet perhaps you have noticed that facial oils are everywhere, and growing in popularity, not least of all our own Organic Facial Essence with Rose & Marula  and Deep Nourish Facial Essence with Rose & Blackcurrant.


Confused?  Well the whole oil on your face thing is another of those urban  myths, confirms Rose Tree founder, Olga.  

We tend to associate putting oil on our face as giving rise to problem skin; spots, break outs, black heads - but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. 

Oils for Dry & Oily Skins

Oils are super hydrating and they can balance  oil production, not just for dry skin but also those of us with oily skin,  and even skin prone to acne. 

Over cleansing and moisturising (and some of the harsher products on the market) can actually over stimulate the sebum glands resulting  in more oil production, while using a facial oil can actually decrease your skin's oil production.

A high quality facial  oil can smooth away fine lines, providing an anti-ageing boost to skin leaving it super hydrated and feeling amazingly soft and moisturised. 

Of course not all oils are created equal, the make-up of  any facial oil is key, and we would always recommend going with an organic facial oil if possible .  See our Top Tips for Facial Oils here:

What's on the Label?

Check out the ingredients, look for all  natural botanical oils without any chemical additives or preservatives.  The ingredients make a huge difference.  I hero ingredient at 1% in a base of paraffin derived gunge is not going to cut it.  An organic oil will  not contain any chemicals.  Labels do not lie!

Less is More

To apply a facial oil, take a tiny amount - a couple of drops as a starting point and apply to clean skin.  Less is more!  Think tantalising  your skin drop by drop with  nature's most  precious botanicals not basting a chicken.  

Warm the oil gently in your hands and press lightly into your face, breathing in the natural aroma.  

If you have time, you can work the oil gently into the skin further, lightly massaging in an upward movement, and around the eye socket area.  Also don't forget your neck and décolleté area!

A high quality oil, will not leave your skin greasy or oily, nor block pores.  Even women with oily skins can benefit from using a facial oil, just follow the steps above and use a tiny amount.  

Oily skins often breakout as a result of the strong oil stripping products that we use (often labelled as products to help oily skins ironically) - resulting in the skin producing more oil to compensate!

An Intensive Night Treatment

Facial oils can be used twice a day, morning and/or evening to suit your lifestyle.  

It all comes down to personal preference.  An intensive  treatment before going to bed?  Easy!   

Facial Oils for Radiance

Or try using an oil in the morning as the weather warms up.  Apply under make up for a a satin finish, or blend with your favourite foundation for some sheer colour.

As we get older, I find that a facial oil with a hint of foundation/BB cream is super flattering and stops makeup falling into any fine lines. 

Store your facial oil, in a cool, dark place - away from a bright sunny window sill to preserve the powerful botanicals and look out for dark glass to stop the light oxidising your precious botanical oils, they are fragile!

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    Bridie Summersgill

    Bridie Summersgill said:

    I was lucky enough to win Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula oil in a competition and couldn’t resist opening and trying it immediately, but thought that I should finish my existing regime in order to give this a proper try. During this time I went on a camping holiday for a week (certainly not glamping!) and when I came home my skin felt so dry and out of condition – never felt this bad before – and so I applied this oil before going to bed to my face and down to the decollete which had been exposed to sun and wind. The smell is instantly relaxing and lends to a good nights sleep. When I woke I could feel the change in my skin immediately, plumper, smoother and hydrated and both from looking in the mirror and comments from my husband it was actually noticeable. This is definitely one to keep going back to. Thanks to Olga and the Rose Tree x


    Helen said:


    I have always suffered with acne however throughout my pregnancy my skin cleared up … My baby is now 10 weeks old and my skin is up to it’s old tricks again and I get married in 13 weeks time! Which products from your range would you suggest to help clear my skin?

    Thank you :-)

    The Rose Tree

    The Rose Tree said:

    Hi Helen,
    Firstly congratulations on the baby!

    Acne can be troublesome and really frustrating, and as you are finding out is not limited to teenage skin, and is the last thing you want to be thinking of in the run up to your wedding! You want to ensure your skin is scrupulously clean and you remove all makeup fully each evening – and to not use products that are so strong they strip your skin of its natural oil. When that happens, your skin goes into overdrive and produces more sebum secretions, resulting in more problems.

    Regarding cleansing, I would suggest either the Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter or our Apricot Geranium Cleansing bar. The cleansing butter is packed with naturally hydrating, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-viral ingredients. Lavender and rosemary are both great for misbehaving skin, while jojoba is very similar to the skin’s own sebum, so again is great for all skin types, but especially those that are prone to acne and break outs.

    Used with a clean muslin cloth it will cleanse and very gently exfoliate the skin; another advantage when dealing with problem skin. Don’t be afraid of using an oily product on your face, it may seem counter-intuitive but it really does work!

    If you prefer more of a wash on/off type product, try our Apricot Geranium Cleansing Bar. Nothing like a commercial bar of soap, it is an extra moisturising formulation with organic virgin olive oil, organic coconut, precious almond and apricot kernel oils enriched with Shea butter for a soft and creamy bar, blended with sweet, juicy oils and French pink clay. 

    In terms of moisturising, I suggest using our Radiance Facial Essence, an intensely nourishing and quickly absorbed oil based essence, made with ten potent flower and plant botanicals.  The rose fruit oil is great for the skin, especially in healing problem skin, while the vitamin rich hazelnut oil is also great for acne. Again using an oil based product on your face sounds very scary but it does work, and another advantage to an oil over a cream is that it does not need to contain emulsifiers or preservatives, which means 100% pure active ingredients.

    Skincare should be super gentle and non-irritating and we suggest you pare it back to the basics.  Scrupulous cleansing and moisturising is key, and watch those ingredients.  There is no one regime that works for everyone, you will need to monitor your own skin’s reaction to ingredients and avoid those that don’t agree with you.  Don’t let anyone tell you that one product is the answer to all your prayers (if only it was that easy!)  

    Let us know how you get on! And we are now offering Try Me Sizes for both our Radiance Facial Essence and Carrot and Mango Cleansing Butter from £5.50

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