Will a Cleansing Butter work for You?

We all know that great skin starts with beautifully cleansed skin but how do you use  a cleansing butter, and will it work for my skin if it is oily, dry, sensitive?  This is the question we get asked most frequently about our award winning, organic Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter.

We find that using a butter is super efficient and speedy but also that it gives a luxurious and  therapeutic experience - albeit in the snatched 2 minutes of time you have before falling into bed. (Though if you have a few moments more, a spot of facial massage will help reap double benefits from cleansing - see here).

 It is packed with organic carrot oil to brighten dull, under nourished skin, skin rejuvenating mango butter, anti-inflammatory St John's Wort oil, and antiseptic lavender and rosemary oils.

It works well on dehydrated, sensitive skin types, it is very hydrating; it also works well on oily and problem skins,    with its natural butters and anti-bacterial and soothing botanicals. 

It sounds counter intuitive,  we tend to associate putting oil on our face as giving rise to problem skin; spots, break outs, black heads - but in fact nothing could be further from the truth.  Oils are super hydrating and they can balance  oil production, not just for dry skin but also those of us with oily skin,  and even skin prone to acne. 

Over cleansing and moisturising (and some of the harsher products on the market) can actually over stimulate the sebum glands resulting  in more oil production, while using a facial oil can actually decrease your skin's oil production.

Here's what some of our customers are saying:

I have never used a cleansing butter before and boy will I never go back to ordinary cleanser and moisturiser!

It is a thick, rich balm that melts into a smooth oil like consistency as it is massaged into the skin, removing everything from makeup, dirt and impurities.  It feels super moisturising on the skin, and will leave it deeply nourished. 

 Removing the butter is easy and mess free with our organic muslin cloths, but you can use any clean cloth you have to hand, (and bung it straight in the wash afterwards for easy cleaning).  When wrung through with hot water, it will easily remove the excess balm leaving clean, nourished skin. 

 It will leave your skin hydrated; for oily skins that might mean you don't need an additional moisturiser (bonus!), for dry skins we like to follow up with our Facial Essence or Radiance Cream; you decide based on the texture you most prefer and if you missed our previous post about the differences between a cream and facial oil, you can find it here.



Silver - Green Parent Awards!

We are celebrating, our organic Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter has been awarded the silver award in the 2015 Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards! 

The Green Parent is the UK's leading green lifestyle and natural parenting magazine.   Each issue features regular columns on Organic Gardening, Seasonal Food and Drink, Green Travel, Ethical Fashion and lots more.

Their search for the very best natural and organic beauty brands started six months ago, covering everything from organic hair care and chemical-free skin creams to natural baby lotions and pregnancy products.

Their independent review panel tested thousands of products from over 60 different natural and organic brands to find the finest and the most effective. Plus, The Green Parent  insist on products free from petroleum-based chemicals, propylene glycol, parabens or sulphates and no animal testing.

And that is why we are so thrilled with our award, not just to be recognised in these national awards but also because of our size and that we were competing against many larger and much better known brands!

It must be the generous amount of organic Carrot macerated Oil to perk up dull skin, the rejuvenating Mango Butter and the fab scented Lavender and Rosemary essential oils, which do double duty balancing and stimulating the skin.  

It works well on dehydrated skin types and also sensitive and oily skins with its natural butters and anti-bacterial and soothing botanicals.

For extra radiant skin, try a spot of facial massage when you apply the Cleansing Butter.  You can read more here.

You can buy yours here, plus don't forget if you are new to us, you can get your hands on a 'Try Me' size Carrot & Mango Organic Cleansing Butter here.

We are off to celebrate!

Free From Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that both our Facial Essence with Rose & Marula and Carrot and Mango Cleansing Butter have been shortlisted in this year's Free From Skincare Awards.  So we are hopping up and down with excitement at the moment!

The awards were founded in 2012 to celebrate, encourage and reward the manufacture of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, chemicals, additives, ingredients and artificial fragrances associated with skin sensitivities and other health concerns - and are intended for those people who may be seeking more natural or pure cosmetics, or looking to avoid certain ingredients due to ethical or personal reasons, or those who have sensitive skin, or allergic or problem skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Our Rose Tree goodies have been submitted to a month of rigorous  testing by a group of testers from the prestigious Beauty Bible and will then go forward to a panel of expert judges to decide bronze, silver and gold awards within the different skincare categories.  The final results will be announced at this year's Love Natural Love Organic show in July.

You know that we are all about effectiveness coupled with luxury and indulgence and focus on natural and organic ingredients.  That means no :

  • SLS/SLEs
  • Parabens 
  • PEGs 
  • Phtalates
  • Triclosan
  • Petroleum/paraffin derivatives 
  • Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol 
  • Artificial fragrance or colours  

The Free From awards celebrate products for their 'free from' qualities,  performance and effectiveness with judges looking for innovation, originality, skin-healthy ingredients and benefits, and for products which denote an awareness and understanding of consumers with skin sensitivities or allergies.

And our shortlisted products?  Our favourite Facial Essence with Rose & Marula,  an intensely nourishing oil based essence, for radiant and super soft skin, made with ten potent flower and plant botanicals.  Rose Tree founder, Olga says My go to signature product for radiant skin each morning, the one that is super hydrating, and works on all skin types.  This is the one product I recommend to everyone - and is the one product I use every day without fail!

Our Carrot and Mango Cleansing Butter? Our super-charged, cleansing butter packed with potent botanicals will gently lift off makeup and dirt, to leave super hydrated, radiant skin.  Packed with organic carrot oil to brighten dull, under nourished skin, skin rejuvenating mango butter, anti-inflammatory St John's Wort oil, and antiseptic lavender and rosemary oils, this is the perfect cleanser, suitable for all skin types.

And because we are so happy, we are offering you a FREE Tahiti Tiare Cocoa Lip Butter for the next few days when you buy either one of our shortlisted products!  Just ask for your Lip Butter using the 'tell us about any special instructions' box.*

*Offer runs to midnight Friday June 19th!

Ultimate Skincare Ingredients - Jojoba


Jojoba (oddly enough pronounced "ho-ho-ba") is a favourite ingredient, a true multi-tasker in the world of skincare (think work hard and play hard).  But it's not your usual crowd, it looks and feels like an oil, but it's not; it is actually a wax; a liquid wax.  So it's special.  

 It's absorbed extremely easily by the skin and because it is a wax and not an oil, it is non greasy and great for hydration but without giving that too -rich feel. It's also super-stable; some of the botanicals we use are potent but fragile, and it's always a balancing act between fabulous benefits of an ingredient versus its' stability. (You see how hard we work for you!)  Nobody wants anything green and furry on the top of their cream, or a shelf life of days rather than months.

And obviously we use the best quality, organic jojoba that we can get our hands on - because that's the way we are.


It's good, there isn't much this one doesn't do!  This liquid wax is almost identical to the sebum found in our own skin which makes it versatile enough to be used with all skin types, including problem skin, oily and combination skins.

Jojoba reduces wrinkles, treats psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis, and brings the skin back to its normal vitality and gives it a healthy glow (see I told you  am - a - zing).  We use it in our Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter 'cause it is great for problems skins, and healthy skin alike and for restoring your glow.  We use it in our organic Body Oils for a quick hydration boost, while avoiding that oil slick feeling.  


Jojoba is a mixture of long chain, liquid wax esters extracted from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia chinensis.  Jojoba's liquid esters provide superior oxidative stability, excellent emolliency and effective moisturisation to the skin and hair. 

 Our skin produces its own oil known as sebum, which keeps the skin supple and moist.  When you apply an oil, or in this case liquid wax to the skin, it penetrates the outermost  layers of the stratum corneum. The oil creates an occlusive layer on the outside of the skin and traps water beneath it.  Because plant-derived oils are similar in make-up to the natural oils on the skin,  they are metabolised by the skin. This equals very happy skin!

 Oils have been used in skincare for millennia because they are powerful moisturisers, and they work.  If your skin needs a bit if a pick me up or a boost before, jojoba is one to look out for!  

As a starting point for tricky skin, we suggest you try our award winning Radiance Essence with Rose & Marula.  For an all round luxury oil for your body, that hydrates without blocking pores, try one of our organic Body Oils.  

Here's to your happy skin..