Ultimate Skincare Ingredients - Jojoba


Jojoba (oddly enough pronounced "ho-ho-ba") is a favourite ingredient, a true multi-tasker in the world of skincare (think work hard and play hard).  But it's not your usual crowd, it looks and feels like an oil, but it's not; it is actually a wax; a liquid wax.  So it's special.  

 It's absorbed extremely easily by the skin and because it is a wax and not an oil, it is non greasy and great for hydration but without giving that too -rich feel. It's also super-stable; some of the botanicals we use are potent but fragile, and it's always a balancing act between fabulous benefits of an ingredient versus its' stability. (You see how hard we work for you!)  Nobody wants anything green and furry on the top of their cream, or a shelf life of days rather than months.

And obviously we use the best quality, organic jojoba that we can get our hands on - because that's the way we are.


It's good, there isn't much this one doesn't do!  This liquid wax is almost identical to the sebum found in our own skin which makes it versatile enough to be used with all skin types, including problem skin, oily and combination skins.

Jojoba reduces wrinkles, treats psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis, and brings the skin back to its normal vitality and gives it a healthy glow (see I told you  am - a - zing).  We use it in our Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter 'cause it is great for problems skins, and healthy skin alike and for restoring your glow.  We use it in our organic Body Oils for a quick hydration boost, while avoiding that oil slick feeling.  


Jojoba is a mixture of long chain, liquid wax esters extracted from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia chinensis.  Jojoba's liquid esters provide superior oxidative stability, excellent emolliency and effective moisturisation to the skin and hair. 

 Our skin produces its own oil known as sebum, which keeps the skin supple and moist.  When you apply an oil, or in this case liquid wax to the skin, it penetrates the outermost  layers of the stratum corneum. The oil creates an occlusive layer on the outside of the skin and traps water beneath it.  Because plant-derived oils are similar in make-up to the natural oils on the skin,  they are metabolised by the skin. This equals very happy skin!

 Oils have been used in skincare for millennia because they are powerful moisturisers, and they work.  If your skin needs a bit if a pick me up or a boost before, jojoba is one to look out for!  

As a starting point for tricky skin, we suggest you try our award winning Radiance Essence with Rose & Marula.  For an all round luxury oil for your body, that hydrates without blocking pores, try one of our organic Body Oils.  

Here's to your happy skin..

Our favourite shortcut to radiant skin!

You know we're all about high quality, organic ingredients, we source from all over the world because we believe that is what makes our products so effective - but how about I share our favourite tip for making your skincare work even harder, either with your favourite Rose Tree organic products, or using what you already have to  hand -   I know that we have  a lot of customers that are in the process of detoxing their skincare regime and moving to a more green regime.


Facial Massage is a super efficient way to get to radiant skin faster!  Most of us are lazy by nature  (and I am speaking about myself here) we are torn between work pressures, family and buried under a to do list of stuff. 

So we slap on our facial products in a haphazard way, reaching for whichever bottle comes to hand first, we cleanse and if we are lucky we remember to moisturise! 

So what I would like to suggest to you is practicing some simple facial massage when you apply your product.

 This can be super simple, 60 seconds is a good starting point and it works really well with a facial oil, and is particularly effective with our facial oils or our Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter.


Using your index fingers, gently work the areas between your eyebrows, to reduce tension, then move your fingers outwards from the bridge of your nose towards your temples.  

Continue this to include your forehead, before moving to your cheeks with the same long sweeping strokes you started with.  

Finish off by gently tapping outwards underneath your eyes,  around the eye socket.  Use more product if you  need, so that you can work your skin gently without pulling the skin.

You can also add some long sweeping strokes in an upward motion from your neck to underneath your chin.  


By simply working the product into your skin, you can benefit from a rejuvenating and circulation boosting treatment. 

It is great for puffy skin, early morning start anyone?  Massaging relaxes muscles and connective tissue and can even soften those expression lines.

Not only does this work with a facial oil, it is good with a creamy cleansing  type product. 

We recommend our Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter packed with brightening organic carrot oil and skin rejuvenating mango butter.  Just ensure you don't drag or pull the skin.

Here's to super radiant skin… trust us, it works!