5 Tips for Gorgeous Skin Naturally

5 Tips for Gorgeous Skin Naturally

Looking after your skin should not be rocket science. No 15 step routine with different skincare products to match.

Simple works, really.

And that's in spite of what some of the so called experts might tell you.

Most of us don't have more than a few precious moments before we run out of the door in the morning.  Some of us less than that.  Especially when balancing kiddies, demanding jobs and the plethora of other tasks that never seem to end.

Research shows that many busy mums only get 15 minutes to themselves each day!

Here are some of my favourite tips to maximise your skincare regime, but which don't take forever.  And the best bit?  Done regularly they will help you look and feel amazing in your own skin.

The basics don't change.


1 Cleansing is Key


Great skin starts with clean skin, and my cult Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter is perfect for all skin types.

Here's a dead easy, simple down method that works. 

It doesn't take forever - think 2 minutes max and no faffing with multiple products.  No tight skin feeling afterwards and no stinging eyes.  It's genius even if I do say so myself!  It is a balm product that you use with a cloth.  More of that here.

You're aiming for clean, comfortable, nourished skin, no harsh detergents, no stripped skin.  I'm not a fan of foaming products.  For a lot of my customers, the detergent which is a necessary part of the foaming bit, can be aggressive and irritating to skin.

If a cloth cleanser is not for you, try our super gentle Cleansing Bar with shea butter and organic oils.

Much better you use one amazing product with great ingredients that works. 


2 Next comes hydration


Facial oils are my first choice for almost all of my clients.  Think 100% active ingredients rather than 90% water and fillers.

The Rose Tree Natural Beauty

I know oil sounds scary but they work really well they are a great choice for all skin types.  They also make your skin feel great very quickly.

Read more about how facial oils work here. 

Our Radiance Facial Essence and our Deep Nourish Facial Essence can both be used morning and/or night and can be layered with our Radiance Cream or Intensive Balm. 

I recommend the Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula for oily, combination skin that can break out, and the Deep Nourish Facial Essence with Rose & Blackcurrant for skin that's on the dry side,  or for older skins.  


3 Layering Skincare


These can be used on their own or layered with other products. 

If your skin is on the dry side, layer them with a richer moisturiser.   Try our Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense or our Intensive Balm with Marshmallow & Frangipani. 

They also work with your favourite sunscreen, or blend a couple of drops in your hand with your favourite foundation.


4 Spring Clean your Skincare Products


It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach.

Throwing out all of your current skincare products to replace them with the latest must have product isn't necessary.

Compromise is fine - keep what works 

Trust your gut.  No one knows your skin better than you - despite the fact the girls on the glossy department store counter might try and persuade you otherwise.

They are there to sell.  They have targets to achieve, and targets don't factor in the right skincare product for  you, more likely the product that's not selling and which they are being asked to push that day.

If your skincare regime contains elements that work for you and help you look and feel great then keep those.

This is about getting the results you want without turning your life upside down.  No starvation, sandpaper exfoliants or skin stripping industrial strength acid. 


5 Beauty Products to Ditch

There are things to watch out for.

All products have a shelf life, with this being shorter for natural beauty products.  You can read more about the differences between large scale and artisan skincare in my guide here.

Check your products for expiry dates.

They also often contain a "PAO" number.  In other words a 'period after opening' number, usually in months, within which the product should be used.

Anything past that date, get rid of. 

Look out for a change in scent, or texture, and obviously anything green and furry…


6 Smooth Silky Limbs


Don't neglect the rest of your body, especially if it has been hidden beneath multiple layers of clothes and is feeling desert parched.

A spot of gentle exfoliation (with the emphasis on gentle)  will lift off that grey, flaky, winter skin and allow you to get some serious hydration on your skin.  Come the time to get your legs out in public, you will have smooth, glossy limbs completely dandruff free.

We are all about simple  - My beautifully British organic skincare products are all about simplicity with extraordinary results.  You can look and feel amazing without needing to spend hours preparing and with a few basic steps.

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