5 Tips for Gorgeous Skin Naturally

5 Tips for Gorgeous Skin Naturally

Looking after your skin should not be rocket science. No 15 step routine with different skincare products to match.  Try these simple tips instead, using the best organic beauty products.
5 Truths about Commercial Skincare

5 Truths about Commercial Skincare

The truth of the matter is that mainstream skincare is designed and produced to give us exactly what we want.  It is produced on a huge scale for a vast global market.
Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues!

Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues!

February here we come!  Could January have felt any longer? If you are anything like me, it has felt as if it would never end; the post Christmas glow long gone...

New! Try Me Sizes

We are now offering 'Try Me' Sizes for our bestselling products!

Not the usual tiddly tip of your finger sized samples, but beautiful, perfectly formed Try Me sizes, which will allow you to get a taste for all that Rose Tree loveliness over a few days to really get a feel for what suits your skin!

Remember, your skin is in a constant state of flux,  with skin cells continuously dividing and renewing.  It takes between 4 and 6 weeks for old skin cells to be replaced with new skin cells, so it makes sense to try your skincare favourites over a reasonable period.

You can get our award winning Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula Try Me size here for £6.50, a generous 5ml dropper bottle packed with anti-ageing plant botanicals which will last you a good few weeks.

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Misbehaving Skin? - Rosacea

All of us experience skin problems at some point or other; diet, stress, the weather and not to mention the chemical ingredients found in much of our skincare all has an impact.  So what do you do when your skin is a tad under the weather?


Firstly you need to understand the problem.  Rosacea is characterised by redness and irritation, particularly around the face and cheeks.  The cause tends to be blood vessels that have become hypersensitive to a number of triggers causing redness that looks a bit like sunburn.  Triggers include alcohol, fragrances, plus harsh exfoliants and astringents.  

Skincare should be super gentle and non-irritating and we suggest you pare it back to the basics.  Scrupulous cleansing and moisturising is key, and watch those ingredients.  There is no one regime that works for everyone, you will need to monitor your own skin's reaction to ingredients and avoid those that don't agree with you.  Don't let anyone tell you that one product is the answer to all your prayers (if only it was that easy!)  For example, one widely used  skincare preservative, methylisothiazolinone, is notorious for causing reactions, but it does not effect everyone. (We don't use this ever in our products!)

There are other things that you can to that are non-skincare related; diet is a contributing factor, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, and some people find some sort of probiotic supplement helps.  Equally know what your food triggers are, caffeinated drinks, (coffee and tea), chocolate, spicy foods can all cause problems - but again will not affect everyone.  Keep a food diary if it helps to track what works for you and what causes a reaction.

We believe genuine organic skincare bursting with powerful natural ingredients is the way to go with your skincare regime - even if we are a little biased!  Allow your skin to breathe and nurture your body with pure ingredients.

You can find our luxury organic skincare here.

We would love to hear your tips on what works for you!



Spring Clean Skin

If you have spent the winter months, over indulging on comfort food and red wine (never!) your skin may be in  need of some TLC as we look forward to spring and summer.  If it is looking a little tired and lack lustre, don't worry, with the right skincare routine you can see small improvements in a couple of days.

The skin around your eyes, is where the skin is thinnest, and therefore most delicate.  Use a specially designed product that will gently hydrate and brighten without over loading the skin.  There are lots of good products on the market, you are looking for moisture and skin plumping ingredients. Natural oils and botanicals are ideally placed for this, plus if you tend to suffer with puffy eyes, arnica is a great ingredient to watch out for, it is perfect for relieving trapped fluids.  

Keep your skin hydrated, regular moisturising is crucial for your skin - but so is finding the right level of hydration for you.  A cream will tend to keep your skin  hydrated for longer, lasting throughout the whole day, while a serum will usually give a shorter but more intense boost.  For some skins, a serum might be sufficient, for serious power though, don't overlook layering serum underneath your moisturising cream.  Serums allow high concentrations of anti-ageing ingredients to be absorbed more quickly and are a great tool in your skincare toolkit to restore radiance. 

Finally, think about gently exfoliating your skin regularly.  This will give your skin a deep cleanse, lifting impurities and debris,  unblocking pores and will  help to prevent whiteheads.  Finding the right routine for your skin is crucial here, you want to avoid at all costs irritating and reddening the skin.  Our tip, would be to start with a muslin cloth and your favourite cleanser; this gives a super gentle exfoliation treatment, and you can then step it up using a brush or specific exfoliating product.

Our Rose Tree organic  top  picks are:
Rejuvenating Eye Serum with Rose & Star Flower here
Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula here
Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense here
Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter/Organic Muslin set here

Hello Super Hydrated Skin!

Natural plant botanical oils are the perfect way to hydrate and moisturise skin, leaving it perfectly supple and delicately scented.  Body oils can be 100% oil which negates the need for any kind of preservative (bugs cannot grow in oil), thereby making it the perfect solution for sensitive or touchy skins.  But body oils are  not all created equal, the labels and pretty bottles look natural, but when you scour the ingredients list you will find many (even some baby oils) contain mineral oil, or  'paraffinum liquidum' on the label.  This is a by-product of the petroleum industry, a by-product of distilling crude oil.


Natural oils by contrast are exactly that, and have been used for many centuries as moisturisers and revered for their anti-ageing properties.

The original is olive oil which has its roots based in Greek mythology, the olive tree being the gift of the goddess, Athena, with  wood that could be built with and burned,  medicinal leaves, the olive fruit which is so popular today, and the oil which is one of the world's first beauty treatments, having been used for thousands of years.

Olive oil is a great source of vitamin E and is super soothing, useful for removing the heat from sun burned skin and is still being used as an after sun treatment today.  It can be used with other lighter oils to make a blend to suit any skin type.

It is also perfect to use on dry, damaged hair, and in common with may plant oils can be used as a strengthening anti-frizz treatment.  (Just take a couple of drops, scented with your favourite flower essential oil if desired and smooth though the ends of your hair).  Organic olive oil also happens to be the first ingredient (in other words the largest ingredient by weight) in our cleansing bars so you benefit from its pure hydrating qualities.

And there is so much more!  Almond, Apricot, Avocado, Coconut, Starflower which are just the tip of the iceberg.  More on these in a later post.  What is your favourite way of incorporating oils into your beauty routine?

Sensitive Skin Triggers

OK.  You have de-cluttered your skincare –  you have found the organic skincare products that work for your skin – but your skin is still sensitive, especially in times of stress or when the weather gets cold.  

It may not be your beauty regime that is at fault – there are other triggers...


Organic Skincare for sensitive skin

Think about the temperature of the water you use when you bathe – hot water can be very drying, especially if your skin is on the sensitive side and although it is tempting to sink into a steaming hot bath when it’s freezing outside, (with the occasional large glass of wine!) your skin may not thank you for it. 

If you are a bath fan, (and I'm including myself here, it's one of my fave ways to de-stress!) avoid SLS based bubble baths and opt for an organic hydrating bath oil.

If you are worried about disappearing in an oil slick and the monotonous cleaning that follows, don't.  Our organic bath oils are super concentrated so you only need the tiniest amount, about 1/2 a teaspoon.  The result, you can lay back in beautifully scented water knowing you will emerge all goddess like, (not oily) and chilled - until the next interruption anyway..

If its blizzard like outside, depending on where you are in the world, you will need to take special precautions.  Wind, and very cold and dry environments can all spell problems for your skin.  Hydration and protection is key, stick with a good hydrating cleanser (try ours here) and a decent moisturiser, eg our Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense

Consider your laundry detergent– biological action detergents are notorious for irritating skin and triggering eczema flare ups.  My own eczema improved significantly when I changed to a greener non bio version.

Switch away from household cleaners that are filled with harsh chemicals.  Simpler ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda mixed with water to a paste is very effective in the kitchen (but the mixture is slightly abrasive so don’t use it on highly polished surfaces).  White vinegar is also super-effective; it is a great degreaser and limescale remover.  You can buy these in bulk very inexpensively online, and there are lots of recipes available.  We like

If you fancy a homemade therapeutic bath, guilt free without any chemical nasties, try adding 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 5 drops of chamomile essential oil to a warm running bath.  It will smell amazing and is great for sensitive, dry, itchy skin.

And remember to keeping your skin hydrated with chemical free organic body care products that will sooth and pamper – hydrating body oils, cleansing bars and scrubs.