Aromatherapy & Essential Oils at Home

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils at Home

 Scent is one of those little things that can make a difference...
Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues!

Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues!

February here we come!  Could January have felt any longer? If you are anything like me, it has felt as if it would never end; the post Christmas glow long gone...

Here's to Your Success in 2016

Here's to Your Success in 2016

It's that time. You have survived the Christmas circus without doing away with any family members, your partner is still talking to you, and in spite of eating your own body weight...

Why Organic?

For many, organic skincare is a natural progression from the food that we eat day to day; environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced and with respect for the world that we live in.  Plus studies are now showing that there are health benefits for crops grown using organic systems, containing less heavy metals and pesticides and more antioxidants.

 For skincare, focussing on organic and natural skincare has other significant advantages.  We know that much of what we put on our skins can be absorbed into our blood stream, just consider the use of nicotine patches for example.  Therefore being aware of what ingredients are in the products that you use every day makes perfect sense. 


 Taking this a step further,  so many of us suffer with finicky over sensitised skin, which is further exacerbated by some of the chemical additions in many of our  everyday products.  We believe that stripping it back to basics allows for  skincare that is luxurious, effective and indulgent, packed full of skin nurturing vitamins and anti-oxidants.

 For most of us buying our skincare products from the high street, making that jump to organic skincare results in a noticeable and significant difference.  For example, rather than a cleanser filled with artificial colour (to give it that delicate 'natural' white colour), and a 'natural fruity' smell from chemical scents that can be skin irritating, you can find a cleansing product made from beautifully scented oils, butters and other pure botanicals. 

 That means no cheap filling ingredients, no empty ingredients and no superfluous and potentially skin irritating colours and scents.  (No parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGs, Phtalates, Triclosan, Petroleum/paraffin oil, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, any artificial fragrance or colours etc.) Of course there is a flip side -  the pure oils and butters cost more than their paraffin derived  equivalents, and they don't come with an unlimited shelf life  - but we believe the pay off, in terms of your skin, and our planet makes for a winning proposition all round.

 All of our Rose Tree goodies follow this outlook.  We offer  organic skincare that is luxurious, effectual and indulgent, packed full of skin nurturing vitamins and anti-oxidants  without the synthetic fragrances or colours or other chemical witchery. It sounds so simple - and we like simplicity.  Formulated by hand with potent botanicals, organic oils and butters and delectably scented flower oils; we are passionate about the quality of our ingredients.  And that makes for skincare that gives results naturally leaves your skin feeling amazing.  A winning combination we like to think...  


The Magic of Smell

Ever wondered about how the scent in your favourite candle or skincare product has the power to relax or revitalise you, or to unlock a memory from your past?

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful  - and uncontrollable - and yet is one of the least appreciated of our senses.  We have the ability to pick up and identify over 10,000 smells!

The word 'olfactory' comes from the Latin 'olfacere' to smell, and it is via the olfactory nerve that the magic happens.  The inside of our nose is formed of special nerve cells that connect direct to the brain via the olfactory nerves.

Our olfactory nerves are made up of tiny fibres and cilia, tiny hairs on the tip.  As air passes through our nostrils, it passes over and touches on the cilia, which in turns sends a signal to our brain to register the smell.  The process is incredibly complex and understanding the science behind our ability to smell is ever developing.

Our sense of smell is a significant aspect of our wellbeing; our brain is triggered into categorising any smell into an action - are we safe, friend or foe etc. And interestingly this is different for different people, what you associate as safe  and relaxing might have completely the opposite effect on someone else.

The amazing essential oils we use can come from all parts of a plant; rose from the flower, rosemary from leaves, black pepper from seeds, juniper from berries, cedar from wood, ginger from the root. 

And they do have the power to take us away...  We asked some of our team and customers what they thought of when they lit our candles:  'Cut  summer flowers" "Winter's evening in front of a fire" "Arabian Nights,  story telling as a child"  "Turkish Delight!"  Quite a mix!  Tell us what different scents evoke for you!

You can find our organic essential oil candles here:

The Rose Tree No. 1

The Rose Tree No. 5

The Rose Tree No. 7

The Rose Tree No. 12

Your Personal Oasis

How many of us truly get the time or space to unwind and de-stress?  With work, children and a multitude of other commitments all competing for our time; for most of us the answer is not many..

Yet a space to be alone in the luxury of warmth and scent, a place to de-stress, to rest undisturbed and just have five minutes away from all of those must do things we carry around with us in our heads is a forgotten pleasure that can bring untold benefits.

Create your own personal spa in the sanctuary of your bathroom - your own guilt free space where you can have a few minutes of privacy to unwind.  And if you are feeling guilty just thinking about it, consider that by clearing your mind, you give yourself the head space to do more later on.

Banish (if only temporarily) the detritus of plastic ducks, discarded clothes, and light a scented candle, stack up a pile of soft fluffy towels and let everything go.

Adding pure flower essential oils to a bath turns a pleasurable experience into a heavenly relaxation treatment.  The warm, steamy environment allows the oils to release more aroma molecules, softening the skin and more easily absorbing into the skin to work their magic.

Just add 5-10 drops direct into a running bath, or mixed with a carrier oil if preferred.  Our favourites?  Try 10 drops of geranium, which is both relaxing and energising.  Rose and lavender is perfect after a long day, or for a man friendly scent, try a blend of cedarwood, mint and juniper.  Not a fan of DIY?  In that case try our organic bath oils ready for you to use straight way, or our luxury organic candles.

Soak away all your cares - for fifteen minutes anyway, and find your personal oasis!

Sleep & Ageing

You know the difference that a good night's sleep makes - you wake refreshed ready to deal with whatever life throws at you.  Conversely, sleep badly and you feel it  - and it shows in your skin for everyone to see.  And according to the latest research a lack of sleep leads to premature skin ageing and reduces the skin's ability to recover from exposure to the sun.*

There are a number of pure flower oils that can help with sleep and relaxation - with lavender being the most well known and one of the most versatile oils. 2-3 drops in a warm bath will prove super relaxing, but don't exceed that dose, in higher amounts it can do the opposite and stimulate your mind.  A couple of drops of vetiver works well also, with its deep, smokey scent or if you a prefer a green, more herbaceous scent, try 3 drops of clary sage.  And if a bath is not your thing, a couple of drops of lavender on your pillow case is a good bet.


Diet wise, stay away from caffeine laden drinks just before bed, not just the coffee, and don't have a heavy meal, you don't want your digestive  system in over drive.  

Try and get yourself in the mood for bed - switch off from work, you don't want to be reading your emails in bed. Emotional stress can be a key barrier to sleep and is not so easy to  avoid - but find a relaxation technique that works for you, listening to music, an aromatherapy candle or a massage.  

And if you do wake up and can't nod back off, don't beat yourself up.  If it is one thought that has woken you up, get into the habit of jotting it down on a notepad by your bed - and then banish it from your mind.  Use the time to think of something beautiful, let your mind drift and your breathing slow.

You can find our luxury organic candles here, or our organic bath oils here

*  See the article here




Maximising the life of your Luxury Organic Candles

OK so you have made the extremely difficult choice and decided which of our delectable essential oil blends to go for (!!) - How do you get the best from it?

Because we use a customised blend of pure vegetable wax, and an unbleached cotton wick, you will not get any of the soot or harmful fumes that you get with paraffin or mineral waxes.*  That said, there are still things you can do to maximise the life of your candle - and get the best from it.

The wick is the key to a great candle - it acts as the fuel delivery system,  pulling the melted wax upwards to be burnt in the flame.  Too large a wick and the candle will burn with too big a flame, too little and it will struggle to burn and may go out.  The Rose Tree luxury organic candles have been tested extensively, to deliver the perfect marriage of wax, wick and essential oils. 

When you burn one of our candles, especially the first time,  aim to burn it for between 2-4 hours.  You want to burn it for long enough so that the wax  melts all the way out to the edges, if you burn if for a shorter time, the wax will burn in a narrower circle and will eventually 'tunnel' wasting some of your precious wax and therapeutic essential oils.

Before re-lighting your candle check the length of the wick, and trim if necessary.  You  are aiming for the wick to be approximately 1cm.  Burning with a wick that is too long, increases the chance of having a flame that is too large and may damage the candle glass.  We recommend using a specialist wick trimmer, which allows for easy trimming and collects the wick trimmings without the risk of them falling back into your candle and ruining its look.  When putting out your candle, we suggest the use of a candle snuffer to avoid blowing hot wax everywhere.

Because we use 100% pure essential oils in our hand poured luxury organic candles,  you get the added therapeutic benefits of the essential oils when you breathe in the scented air, so feel free to luxuriate in  their power.  The different oils have different properties which we will cover in more detail in a later blog. 

Please remember to heed all the warnings on your candle - and finally and most importantly enjoy it!


*See here for a BBC article discussing the risks associated with prolonged use of paraffin candles.

October 28, 2013 by Olga Rumble