Here's to Your Success in 2016

Here's to Your Success in 2016

It's that time. You have survived the Christmas circus without doing away with any family members, your partner is still talking to you, and in spite of eating your own body weight in chocolate and mince pies you have made it through ready for the start of a new year.


Typically this is where we traditionally sweep out the cobwebs of the winter months and come up with some bright and shiny New Year's resolutions to start us on the path to 2016.  The list of deprivations that if you are anything like me, you will beat yourself up about missing 5 minutes into the new year:

I'm going to give up processed food and switch to a diet of vegetables cooked in coconut butter, and raw nuts and pulses… 

I'm going to give up chocolate (excepting obviously the eye wateringly expensive hand massaged artisanal bars made with Ecuador's finest cacao pods).

I'm going to give up wine for  a) January b) the next week c) the next hour (I'll leave you to decide).

So ladies, how about we do something different this year.  We get smart and rather than setting ourselves up to fall out of love with ourselves as we break those resolutions we turn this around.  Yup, we ditch the resolutions and instead set ourselves up to succeed.  Radical I know! 

Here are my favourite wellbeing tips to lead you into 2016 gently, to nurture your spirit, make your body stronger and to set you up for success.

  • Find some balance, and give up on the superwoman complex.  You can't do everything. Ditch the guilt and prioritise your own needs along side those of your loved ones. There needs to be a balance between home, work, family and friends.
  • Make a commitment to yourself to take 15 mins out of each day for yourself -  and fill it with your music while burning your favourite organic candle.  Close your eyes, breathe in the therapeutic oils and clear your mind.  Our pick is The Rose Tree No 1 for both a relaxing and revitalising blend of Geranium, Juniper & Patchouli.
  • Candle-less?  Get your hands on a bottle of pure essential oil, put a couple of drops on a tissue, cup your hands around it, close your eyes and breathe in deeply.  We like lavender or geranium.  Both are widely available and smell fabulous.  Relaxing and revitalising in equal measures, they have been proven to calm the mind and help alleviate stress.  Simple but effective!
  • Clear the clutter. There is a universal truth that there is never enough space for all of the stuff we accumulate in our homes.  Spend an hour clearing the clutter in a given area.  This is not the time to start on the entire house, pick either your work space, or around your bedroom.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.    Both energising and cathartic, if you recycle it is also ecologically sound.  And then sit back and enjoy your new space.
  • Feed your face. Put that NutriBullet to good use (or any other blender) with this antioxidant packed treat that tastes fab and will feed your skin.  Throw in a handful of berries (fresh/frozen, whatever you have to hand), 1/2 a banana, a handful of green leaves (spinach, salad leaves, again whatever you have to hand) and a cup of liquid, milk, water, nut milk etc. and whizz.  If you need some extra sweetness add a squirt of honey.  Your skin will thank you! 
  • Create your own personal spa in the sanctuary of your bathroom - your own guilt free space where you can have a few minutes of privacy to unwind.  (And if you are feeling guilty just thinking about it, consider that by clearing your mind, you give yourself the head space to do more later on).


  • Add some pure flower essential oils to your bath and turn it into  a  heavenly relaxation treatment.   5-10 drops direct into a running bath should do the trick. Our favourites?  Try 10 drops of Geranium, which is both relaxing and energising. Rose and lavender is perfect after a long day, or for a man friendly scent, try a blend of cedarwood, mint and juniper.  Not a fan of DIY?  In that case try our organic bath oils ready for you to use straight way, along side out therapeutic luxury organic candles.
  • Allow yourself the occasional treat - the world seems a better place after that piece of chocolate.  I will leave you to decide whether that includes a glass of wine or not.

 Here's to your success in 2016!

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