Wellbeing Survival Tips

Wellbeing Survival Tips

Favourite ways to take time for you and boost your wellbeing.
Deal with stress naturally with aromatherapy.

Be Nice To You

Ok so hands up, who's a tiny bit stressed?  Finally - the kids are almost back to school and you're dizzy with emotion and exhaustion.

Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues!

Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues!

February here we come!  Could January have felt any longer? If you are anything like me, it has felt as if it would never end; the post Christmas glow long gone...

Here's to Your Success in 2016

Here's to Your Success in 2016

It's that time. You have survived the Christmas circus without doing away with any family members, your partner is still talking to you, and in spite of eating your own body weight...

You Time?

We've never been about reserving all the good stuff for your face and padding out the stuff for your body with cheaper fillers.   No, you are worth more than that, and that's not we do!   

Seriously what you need is oodles of warm water,  20 minutes to yourself and some seriously high powered ingredients.   Balancing Organic jojoba?  Check.  Chickweed Oil to chase away the dry, itchy bits?  Yup. Gentle Organic Apricot Oil?  Check.  And a fabulous synergistic blend of pure essential oils, green and woody cypress oil, with sweet smelling and balancing Geranium Oil and a twist of lavender to help you chill. 


Our Limited Edition Soothing Bath Oil with Geranium, Cypress & Lavender is absolutely my dark-night  favourite with some fab ingredients!

Organic Jojoba -

The funny sounding one - but this packs a serious punch!  An easily absorbed, light oil, very similar to the sebum found in our own skin, and so suitable for all skin types, including problem, oily and combination skins.  Usually reserved for high end facial skincare, because it's expensive - but we like to spoil you.

Chickweed Oil (still Organic)

Ok this sounds like a weed, but our super soothing and calming Chickweed Oil is perfect for skin needing a little TLC!  This is fab for irritated and itchy skin which seems to creep up on you with the cool, dark weather and all those layers of clothes.  Grown in the UK and  macerated in high oleic sunflower oil and combined with Rosemary Antioxidant.  (Trust us, seriously good!)

Safflower Oil (Organic, OK you get the picture now..) 

This is a beautifully  light textured oil  with  nourishing and smoothing properties.  It will not block the pores on your skin and so is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Calendula Oil (Organic)

Bright orange but seriously nurturing!  Organic calendula flowers are macerated in high oleic sunflower oil to promote suppleness and perfectly smooth skin.  High in calendulin, carotene and vitamins A and C.

The result? Seriously pampered skin that doesn’t just feel smooth, but which benefits from the real active botanical ingredients.  And don't forget a glass of something nice to go with it!

The Ultimate Cold Weather Skin Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Cold Weather Skin Cheat Sheet

Freezing temperatures,  frost on the ground and your skin is suffering.  Soothe your dry, itchy skin with a serious hydrating regime to keep things supple and healthy.  

It doesn't have to be complicated or fiddly, here are my top tips for keeping your skin soft, supple and radiant.


The Rose Tree Cold Weather Organic Skincare Cheat Sheet

The bottom line is that colder air holds less moisture than warm air and factor in the central heating  and there's a good chance your skin is going to rebel.

Dry, itchy skin isn't fun but there's lots you can do that will make a difference.

It's all about hydration levels..

To stay hydrated, skin pulls moisture out of the air, which is a problem in colder weather when the humidity reduces. 

To make things worse, as our skin ages, its natural oil producing capabilities slow down makes it more difficult for dry skin cells to slough off resulting in flaky skin. 

To prevent a rather unattractive skin snow storm effect, invest in a gentle exfoliation treatment, but one which will boost hydration levels with natural oils. 

Give our Honey & Rose Exfoliation Treatment a go.  (Bonus - it will leave your skin smelling beautiful).  

I stress this should be GENTLE!  Scrubbing your skin raw is not going to help.

Steaming hot water is not your friend

    Cut back on the super hot baths and showers. 

    Spending too much time wallowing in steaming hot water, though a tempting option when you're freezing, will ultimately further strip the oils from your skin.  

    If you have to do the toe-dip dance lowering yourself into the bath inch by inch, it's too hot!

    Get clever with oil and water

       If you can't live without a bath, it being the only time you get 5 minutes to yourself in a locked room (and I do understand)  go for a beautiful aromatherapy bath oil which will hydrate and soothe your skin and leave you smelling fabulous at the same time.  

      Try our Soothing Bath & Shower Oil which contains a generous shot of calendula infused oil which naturally fixes all those sore bits.  

      DIY Essential Oils

        If you fancy a spot of DIY, add a few drops of essential oil and tailor the scent to something you love - lavender for a beautifully relaxing soak, ylang ylang and jasmine for a touch of the exotic, or grapefruit or juniper for a revitalising treatment.  

        If you are feeling particularly adventurous, throw in a pint of milk or a scoop of dried milk powder and you will come out with skin so soft, the angels will weep.

        Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

          Slather on a serious moisturiser. 

          I am a big fan of oils,  but the trick is finding the right product that works for you. These are some of my favourite oils for dry, sensitive, skin.

          Applying Body Oil  while your skin is damp after a shower takes 5 seconds but packs a real punch in terms of effectiveness;  it seals in moisture, removes the need for a separate body lotion and leaves a subtle scent - win, win!

          The Best Ingredients for Dry, Dehydrated Skin

          Natural plant butters are naturally repairing and form a protective barrier on the skin to guard against moisture loss and soften skin.  Think butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter.

          Humectants to Drive Moisture

          Ingredients like honey and glycerine are humectants which mean they attract moisture and draw it into the skin.  Just watch out for the synthetic stuff like propylene glycol which isn't going to help.

          The Right Plant Oils for Dry Skin

          This sounds a little odd, surely all oils are good for dry skin?  Natural plant oils are not going to damage your skin, but some are better equipped to hydrate when temperatures drop.  In particular oils rich in oleic acid will work best, these have a richer feel and will in turn moisturise more deeply.  Think avocado oil, argan oil, camellia oil, hazelnut oil.  Check out my guide to the best plant oils by skin type.

          Layer your Skincare

            For your face, especially if your skin is on the sensitive side, go for ingredients that are natural and super gentle.  

            Think about layering products together, I like to use a base layer with the super nourishing Facial Essence with Rose & Blackcurrant and then either the Radiance Cream over the top or the Intensive Balm with Marshmallow & Frangipani.  

            Go with what feels good for your skin, pick the texture that works for you.  If you want some advice, ping us a note on one of our social media channels!

              Here's to your super soft, hydrated skin all season long!

              Your Personal Oasis

              How many of us truly get the time or space to unwind and de-stress?  With work, children and a multitude of other commitments all competing for our time; for most of us the answer is not many..

              Yet a space to be alone in the luxury of warmth and scent, a place to de-stress, to rest undisturbed and just have five minutes away from all of those must do things we carry around with us in our heads is a forgotten pleasure that can bring untold benefits.

              Create your own personal spa in the sanctuary of your bathroom - your own guilt free space where you can have a few minutes of privacy to unwind.  And if you are feeling guilty just thinking about it, consider that by clearing your mind, you give yourself the head space to do more later on.

              Banish (if only temporarily) the detritus of plastic ducks, discarded clothes, and light a scented candle, stack up a pile of soft fluffy towels and let everything go.

              Adding pure flower essential oils to a bath turns a pleasurable experience into a heavenly relaxation treatment.  The warm, steamy environment allows the oils to release more aroma molecules, softening the skin and more easily absorbing into the skin to work their magic.

              Just add 5-10 drops direct into a running bath, or mixed with a carrier oil if preferred.  Our favourites?  Try 10 drops of geranium, which is both relaxing and energising.  Rose and lavender is perfect after a long day, or for a man friendly scent, try a blend of cedarwood, mint and juniper.  Not a fan of DIY?  In that case try our organic bath oils ready for you to use straight way, or our luxury organic candles.

              Soak away all your cares - for fifteen minutes anyway, and find your personal oasis!