Be Nice To You

Deal with stress naturally with aromatherapy.

Ok so hands up, who's a tiny bit stressed?

The kids are driving you nuts -  you're dizzy with emotion and exhaustion.  The little darlings/monsters ( I will leave you to pick the most appropriate noun based on their latest behaviour) are going to be someone else's responsibility for at least a few hours each day. Big sigh.

 Or does it just feel a tiny bit disconcerting, you  can feel summer slipping away, the imperceptible drop in temperature early in the morning, the heavier than usual dew on the grass and the realisation that autumn is around the corner.

 Not to mention the inevitable countdown to Christmas, because we are all thinking of that in the first week of September, right.  Nope me neither, but  I see that the Harrods Christmas shop is already open.  Not even joking.

 So I have one word for you.


 So few letters but so powerful.

 Say yes to yourself.  Break the habit of a lifetime and carve some time out of your busy life to be nice to you.

 Forget the 'ought to' and ditch the guilt.  I invite you to dedicate a little bit of time to do something you want to do, that will make you happy, that will feed your soul.

 If balance has been a little lacking these last few weeks, now is the time to address that.  We all recognise that  we are much nicer to be around, and have more to give when we feel good about ourselves.

 Here are a few of my favourite ways to reward myself.

 Lock yourself in the bathroom for as long as you can.  A shower with a blast of aromatherapy oils is good, a bath is better.  Studies have shown that essential oils have a stimulating and relaxing effect on our nervous and immune systems.  Lavender has been shown in scientific studies to promote relaxation and reduce anxiousness. 

 Try our Soothing Bath & Shower Oil with Geranium, Cypress and Lavender.  For a shower, smooth some oil onto your décolleté before jumping under the warm water and breathe in the lavender married with the woody cypress and sweet geranium.  For a bath, swirl a few drops under hot water and dive in.  Instant soothing guaranteed.

Manage stress naturally with aromatherapy.

 Take some time to get outside.  Walk around the block.  If you're lucky enough to live by the water, go and simply stop and look.  Clear your mind, breathe in the air and take a few moments to do nothing.  Kick out the to do list floating around your head, and breathe some more.  If you fancy a latte or that hot chocolate with the whipped cream and marshmallow bits on top go for it.  This is your time guilt free.

 Head off to the gym.  There is a recognisable link between fitness and stress levels.  Don't feel bad that you haven't regularly made 3 sessions a week.  Instead celebrate the fact you have the time now, to clear your head, boost your energy and do something  that is unashamedly selfish and just for you.

 Book mark 20 minutes of time to sit down in a comfy chair and light your favourite candle.   Try our natural wax aromatherapy blend No 1 with its de-stressing geranium, uplifting juniper and balancing patchouli and read a chapter of that book that's been gathering dust by the side of the bed, or grab that interior design magazine and browse  to your heart's content.

 Don't self sabotage.  Taking time for yourself is not something to feel guilt over.  Your emotional being is your right.  And while you're at it, throw in a glass of something nice.  You do absolutely deserve it.


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