Will a Cleansing Butter work for You?

We all know that great skin starts with beautifully cleansed skin but how do you use  a cleansing butter, and will it work for my skin if it is oily, dry, sensitive?  This is the question we get asked most frequently about our award winning, organic Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter.

We find that using a butter is super efficient and speedy but also that it gives a luxurious and  therapeutic experience - albeit in the snatched 2 minutes of time you have before falling into bed. (Though if you have a few moments more, a spot of facial massage will help reap double benefits from cleansing - see here).

 It is packed with organic carrot oil to brighten dull, under nourished skin, skin rejuvenating mango butter, anti-inflammatory St John's Wort oil, and antiseptic lavender and rosemary oils.

It works well on dehydrated, sensitive skin types, it is very hydrating; it also works well on oily and problem skins,    with its natural butters and anti-bacterial and soothing botanicals. 

It sounds counter intuitive,  we tend to associate putting oil on our face as giving rise to problem skin; spots, break outs, black heads - but in fact nothing could be further from the truth.  Oils are super hydrating and they can balance  oil production, not just for dry skin but also those of us with oily skin,  and even skin prone to acne. 

Over cleansing and moisturising (and some of the harsher products on the market) can actually over stimulate the sebum glands resulting  in more oil production, while using a facial oil can actually decrease your skin's oil production.

Here's what some of our customers are saying:

I have never used a cleansing butter before and boy will I never go back to ordinary cleanser and moisturiser!

It is a thick, rich balm that melts into a smooth oil like consistency as it is massaged into the skin, removing everything from makeup, dirt and impurities.  It feels super moisturising on the skin, and will leave it deeply nourished. 

 Removing the butter is easy and mess free with our organic muslin cloths, but you can use any clean cloth you have to hand, (and bung it straight in the wash afterwards for easy cleaning).  When wrung through with hot water, it will easily remove the excess balm leaving clean, nourished skin. 

 It will leave your skin hydrated; for oily skins that might mean you don't need an additional moisturiser (bonus!), for dry skins we like to follow up with our Facial Essence or Radiance Cream; you decide based on the texture you most prefer and if you missed our previous post about the differences between a cream and facial oil, you can find it here.



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