Why Organic?

For many, organic skincare is a natural progression from the food that we eat day to day; environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced and with respect for the world that we live in.  Plus studies are now showing that there are health benefits for crops grown using organic systems, containing less heavy metals and pesticides and more antioxidants.

 For skincare, focussing on organic and natural skincare has other significant advantages.  We know that much of what we put on our skins can be absorbed into our blood stream, just consider the use of nicotine patches for example.  Therefore being aware of what ingredients are in the products that you use every day makes perfect sense. 


 Taking this a step further,  so many of us suffer with finicky over sensitised skin, which is further exacerbated by some of the chemical additions in many of our  everyday products.  We believe that stripping it back to basics allows for  skincare that is luxurious, effective and indulgent, packed full of skin nurturing vitamins and anti-oxidants.

 For most of us buying our skincare products from the high street, making that jump to organic skincare results in a noticeable and significant difference.  For example, rather than a cleanser filled with artificial colour (to give it that delicate 'natural' white colour), and a 'natural fruity' smell from chemical scents that can be skin irritating, you can find a cleansing product made from beautifully scented oils, butters and other pure botanicals. 

 That means no cheap filling ingredients, no empty ingredients and no superfluous and potentially skin irritating colours and scents.  (No parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGs, Phtalates, Triclosan, Petroleum/paraffin oil, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, any artificial fragrance or colours etc.) Of course there is a flip side -  the pure oils and butters cost more than their paraffin derived  equivalents, and they don't come with an unlimited shelf life  - but we believe the pay off, in terms of your skin, and our planet makes for a winning proposition all round.

 All of our Rose Tree goodies follow this outlook.  We offer  organic skincare that is luxurious, effectual and indulgent, packed full of skin nurturing vitamins and anti-oxidants  without the synthetic fragrances or colours or other chemical witchery. It sounds so simple - and we like simplicity.  Formulated by hand with potent botanicals, organic oils and butters and delectably scented flower oils; we are passionate about the quality of our ingredients.  And that makes for skincare that gives results naturally leaves your skin feeling amazing.  A winning combination we like to think...  


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