Your Personal Oasis

How many of us truly get the time or space to unwind and de-stress?  With work, children and a multitude of other commitments all competing for our time; for most of us the answer is not many..

Yet a space to be alone in the luxury of warmth and scent, a place to de-stress, to rest undisturbed and just have five minutes away from all of those must do things we carry around with us in our heads is a forgotten pleasure that can bring untold benefits.

Create your own personal spa in the sanctuary of your bathroom - your own guilt free space where you can have a few minutes of privacy to unwind.  And if you are feeling guilty just thinking about it, consider that by clearing your mind, you give yourself the head space to do more later on.

Banish (if only temporarily) the detritus of plastic ducks, discarded clothes, and light a scented candle, stack up a pile of soft fluffy towels and let everything go.

Adding pure flower essential oils to a bath turns a pleasurable experience into a heavenly relaxation treatment.  The warm, steamy environment allows the oils to release more aroma molecules, softening the skin and more easily absorbing into the skin to work their magic.

Just add 5-10 drops direct into a running bath, or mixed with a carrier oil if preferred.  Our favourites?  Try 10 drops of geranium, which is both relaxing and energising.  Rose and lavender is perfect after a long day, or for a man friendly scent, try a blend of cedarwood, mint and juniper.  Not a fan of DIY?  In that case try our organic bath oils ready for you to use straight way, or our luxury organic candles.

Soak away all your cares - for fifteen minutes anyway, and find your personal oasis!

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