Sleep & Ageing

You know the difference that a good night's sleep makes - you wake refreshed ready to deal with whatever life throws at you.  Conversely, sleep badly and you feel it  - and it shows in your skin for everyone to see.  And according to the latest research a lack of sleep leads to premature skin ageing and reduces the skin's ability to recover from exposure to the sun.*

There are a number of pure flower oils that can help with sleep and relaxation - with lavender being the most well known and one of the most versatile oils. 2-3 drops in a warm bath will prove super relaxing, but don't exceed that dose, in higher amounts it can do the opposite and stimulate your mind.  A couple of drops of vetiver works well also, with its deep, smokey scent or if you a prefer a green, more herbaceous scent, try 3 drops of clary sage.  And if a bath is not your thing, a couple of drops of lavender on your pillow case is a good bet.


Diet wise, stay away from caffeine laden drinks just before bed, not just the coffee, and don't have a heavy meal, you don't want your digestive  system in over drive.  

Try and get yourself in the mood for bed - switch off from work, you don't want to be reading your emails in bed. Emotional stress can be a key barrier to sleep and is not so easy to  avoid - but find a relaxation technique that works for you, listening to music, an aromatherapy candle or a massage.  

And if you do wake up and can't nod back off, don't beat yourself up.  If it is one thought that has woken you up, get into the habit of jotting it down on a notepad by your bed - and then banish it from your mind.  Use the time to think of something beautiful, let your mind drift and your breathing slow.

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*  See the article here




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