Organic Skincare Miracles.. Not

Organic Skincare Miracles.. Not

Sometimes I wonder how to explain to people exactly what we do here at The Rose Tree.

Something along the lines of 'we  nourish your skin, treat your body, and soothe your mind with our luxurious, British treats?'

Simply 'Award winning British Skincare?'

Or 'We make some rather special organic candles; all vegetable wax blended with essential oils, beautifully wicked to burn  cleanly and give you the therapeutic benefits of all those oils.'

What we don't do is promise you miracles, and use made up pseudo-scientific words to persuade you that what you really need is brand new product X and your life will be complete.  (My particular favourites: 'phyto' and 'bio' everything with the addition of snail slime, birds droppings or some similarly hyped up chemical concoction).

One of our customers recently explained that our Radiance Facial Essence has proved to be amazing (I am blushing slightly here), but that it is not the fact the fact that it reduced breakouts or the relief at finding something that did not irritate her sensitive skin.   It was simply that it was one less thing to worry about, something to be crossed of that interminable list we all have. 

What I try to do is to offer a moment for you out of your busy life.  A moment to yourself, between the demands of  family, work and the myriad of other things that are on your to do list.  You know the one I mean, the list which even if you had a month of Sundays away from everyone else's demands you still wouldn't get through.

Our thing is busy women; if there is one thing we know about it is balancing the demands of modern life. Because I think it's a pretty good guess that you weren't up at 5am this morning doing yoga in your underwear.  Or picking fresh berries from the garden to whisk up a superfood sprinkled oatmeal extravaganza.  Let's leave that to the commercials.

So today I challenge you to take 5 minutes out of your day to do something for you.  A moment of pampering; a 30 second mini massage when you apply your favourite product, an indulgent bath or simply a glass of something you fancy.   Whatever it is, do it for you.

And if we can help you with that 5 minutes of you time, well, I will fell very privileged. 

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