Bring on 2017!

Bring on 2017!

We're back from our travels in Asia.  Thank you for bearing with us during our close down, I am now restored and ready to bring you lots of shiny new things in 2017!  I will share some travel images in a later post.

 January has arrived in an icy blanket of cold; and with it a flurry of good intentions.  Or deprivations.   

 In my case deprivations that last at least 5 minutes; I am going to cut down on sugar (and in particularly chocolate), I am going to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I am not going to skip breakfast but am going to get up 20 minutes earlier to cook my artisan porridge oats with almond butter, sprinkled with jewel like pomegranate seeds…  Maybe.  Unlikely.

 For most of us, we already feel stressed and overwhelmed, and 2016 has been a year of huge change on the world stage (that's my polite version - I thought I had better remove the swear words).

 So it seems to me that tying ourselves to a host of punishing resolutions that we are  going to  beat ourselves up about 5 minutes later is rather pointless.

 So here are my anti-new-year kinder resolutions that I am going to embrace completely guilt free:

  •  Everything in moderation - whether it be chocolate, wine, salted cashews or gin (or indeed any combination thereof). 
  •  Me time  - I am going to allow myself some time to myself  to relax, sleep more and wallow in scented water until my skin goes slightly prune like (with my current favourite Soothing Bath & Shower Oil with Geranium, Cypress & Lavender).
  •  I am going to lose the superwoman complex and stop trying to do everything myself.  I am going to (try anyway) learn to accept help gracefully.
  •  I am going to sleep more and allow myself some quiet time before falling into bed to enjoy the benefits of my essential oil candles to calm/de-stress/revitalise as needed.

 And here are some of the things that I am just not going to do in 2017, just because..

  •  I am not going to empty the loft of all those boxes - I figure it can wait another year.
  •  I'm not going to give up my habit of buying sewing books and patterns - despite not having done any sewing since I started the business.  It makes me happy to dream.
  •  I'm not giving up on my Pinterest obsession, planning that dream house that I don't yet have.

 May I encourage you to welcome in 2017 with a little self kindness.  Don't beat yourself up.  Don't create a whole pile of pressure for yourself.  Relax, breathe,  be you and may I wish you a very happy and successful 2017.

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