Cold Weather Organic Skincare

It's that time of the year when bare skin becomes a thing of the past (at least until the sunny days return) and opaque tights make a reappearance in our wardrobes.  It also means that the twin perils of freezing air and central heating play havoc with our skin; even oily skins start feeling dry and dry skin takes on the texture of paper.  So it becomes ever more important to up  your game when it comes to your organic skincare regime.

For your body avoid any type of cleansing product that will strip your skin of the little precious oil it does have.  Gentle is the watch word here - a natural organic soap or cleansing bar is good.  Made with pure vegetable oils and scented with flower and plant oils, it will clean your skin super gently, and the naturally forming glycerine will help attract moisture to your skin.  And not a  harsh detergent (SLS) in sight!  (See our organic cleansing bars here).

Another good option is an organic body scrub.  Gently exfoliating skin, will leave it radiantly soft and hydrated - and better able to further drink in more moisture.  Or a super hydrating body oil is a good bet.  Gone are the days when you would end up feeling like an oil slick, today's oil blends are moisturising and quick - absorbing.

The best facial cleanser is a rich, hydrating product, eg, something in the form of an organic cleansing butter or oil.  It takes a few moments longer to apply and remove - but is very gentle and nourishing.  If that does not appeal, and you are happier with a quicker wash off product, again think about a handmade organic soap, we have our own with precious apricot and almond oils here.

And finally look to upgrade your organic face cream.  You want something that will hydrate and plump up your skin - and which makes any make up you wear look great.  For dry or older skins, a luxurious cream is probably your best bet (our best seller is our Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense).  If you prefer something a little lighter, you could consider a facial oil, which I covered in a previous blog.

Don't forget now is the time to start dropping not so subtle hints if you are after a Christmas organic skincare gift set!  We will even help the man in your  life out and  beautifully gift box anything you pick free of charge.

What are your winter skincare tips?  We'd love to hear.




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