Radiant Skin whatever your age!

We would all love to believe in the power of miracle potions and the promise that they can make you look 10 years younger over night; but sadly these exaggerated claims are exactly that, the difference being that as we get older we are smart enough to see through the hype.  (Well most of the time anyway).   

 But that is not to say we can't have radiant, fabulous skin as we age.  Healthy skin is within all of our grasp.  Here are our favourite tips and tricks for achieving radiance for older skins.

 Moisturise, Moisturise and moisturise again.  The skin is our largest organ, and is where we first see the signs of ageing.  Looking after your skin pays dividends; the more effort you put in,  the better it can withstand the ageing process.

 Ageing skin is prone to dry patches, especially around the cheeks and forehead.  A good hydrating product will help alleviate this dryness; and improve radiance over all.

Tailor how you moisturise your skin to suit you.  Find the ingredients and texture that works for you and go with it.  Our Facial Essence, a facial oil, contains organic Rose Fruit oil, Marula Nut oil, Camellia, Raspberry Seed, Hazel Nut and Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract amongst others;  to improve hydration and the appearance of fine lines.  

 Or our organic Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense includes Aloe Vera,  Beeswax,  Cocoa Butter,  Frankincense,  Linseed Oil, Olive Oil, and Rose Otto Flower Oil to delivery serious moisture.  Not sure which is better for you, check out our post here.

 Let your skin breathe.  Less is more.  Go easy on the make up; you are looking to minimise any imperfections and highlight your assets. Give your skin time to breathe in between make up days.

The skin around your eyes is super delicate; use a product that is specifically designed for the eyes.  Our Rejuvenating Eye Serum contains organic Starflower oil and Rose Fruit Oil to combat lines.

 Get enough sleep; tired skin is very ageing, a good night's sleep will show in your face!

When you apply your product, practice a spot of facial massage.  Spending a moment doing this regularly will help your skin glow.  Not sure how, check out our post here!

 Come and share your top tips with us, we would love to hear what works for you!

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