Party Skin

Whether you love or hate the festive season, December marks the start of the party season, so how do you ensure your skin is in tip-top condition for all those big nights?

A pampering mini facial is a great way to treat your skin, giving you a plump, hydrated base for your foundation and make up.  Start by cleansing your skin with a gentle, creamy product, one that will allow you to gently massage your face.  We recommend our organic Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter, with potent botanicals and containing organic St John's Wort oil which is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Apply the butter to clean, warm fingers and gently massage into your skin using long sweeping strokes in an upward direction.  As well as removing make up and impurities, by spending a few moments working the product into your skin, you can benefit from a rejuvenating and circulation boosting treatment.  Using your index fingers, gently work the areas between your eyebrows, to reduce tension, then move your fingers outwards from the bridge of your nose towards your temples.  

Continue this to include your forehead, before moving to your cheeks with the same long sweeping strokes you started with.  Finish off by gently tapping outwards underneath your eyes,  around the eye socket.  Use more product if you  need, so that you can work your skin gently without pulling the skin. You can also add some long sweeping strokes in an upward motion from your neck to underneath your chin.  

Once you have completed  your mini massage, use a cotton or muslin cloth wrung through with hand hot water to remove all cleansing product, leaving you with fresher, brighter and party ready skin.

If you are doing a 20 minute shuffle between finishing work and heading out to your Christmas party, have a couple of cotton pads handy so that you can apply to tired eyes with ice cold toner to freshen them.

Don't forget to spend some time sloughing off any dry skin on your body, though you will need to to this a couple of times to really benefit.  Try a gentle exfoliation treatment that will stimulate your circulation and leave you smooth and glowing.   Try our organic Honey & Rose Scrub with silky organic almond oil and pure essential oils.

Moisturise well to protect your skin from freezing temperatures and wait a few moments before applying your make up so it does not slide off your face. Then finally and most importantly, go and  enjoy that party...




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