Soap has become a dirty word...

Soap has become a dirty word.  It has fallen from favour and become the poor relation of skincare  - soap is far too drying to use on your delicate skin, soap is harsh, soap strips the natural oils from the skin...

Sound familiar?  There is some truth to these accusations - especially for many of the neat little wrapped packages of soap on sale at your local chemist or supermarket.

But I am not talking about the soap you can buy off the shelf in your high street, but rather natural organic soap or cleansing bars which are hand made.

There is a world of difference between the two!  Have a look at the labels in your supermarket and you will see that actually many of these bars of 'soap' are actually harsh detergents with unpronounceable synthetic lathering agents, colours and scents.  The good stuff, the stuff that you would actually want to use on your skin has been removed.  

Soap manufacturers regularly remove the glycerine that is naturally produced during the soap making process (the chemical term for this process is saponification), as glycerine is a valuable commodity that can be sold on at a profit to be used on other cosmetic products like moisturisers and creams. (We don't!)

Real soap by comparison is made from pure butters and oils, water and lye.  (And I am not talking about using the ready made up blocks of 'melt and pour' soap here).

It takes time to make soap the traditional way which is more expensive, taking weeks, sometimes months for the soap to cure before it is ready to be used.

But we firmly believe that the benefits outweigh the time taken; you get the beautiful properties of the plant oils used in the soap - mild and nourishing organic olive oil, luxurious almond oil for a rich and creamy lather,  the conditioning properties of organic apricot oil..

Natural organic soap can be a life saver for problems and sensitive skins.  Gentle and nourishing, it will work with your skin type, hydrating and moisturising non- irritating, working with your skin's natural defences.  And you get therapeutic benefits of the essential oils used.  Try it - you will never go back to a regular bar of soap I promise!

Find our own Apricot Geranium Cleansing bar here.

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