Beautiful Skin Backed up By Science

Beautiful Skin Backed up By Science

If you've read any other posts TRT, you'll  know I believe beauty is about feeling good - and this is the ethos on which I have build my brand.

 It frustrates me no end, that so much of what the beauty industry peddles is narrow and negative; leaving so many of us feeling unhappy and unable to live up to such unrealistic expectations. 

Beauty is all about feeling good.

 This obsession with youth, with  looking 10 years younger seems madness to me. 

 The desire to cover your skin, disguise everything that makes you you.

 I'm much more about a positive outlook on beauty. 

 None of this beating ourselves up trying to match some skewed ideal of what beauty is.

Scientists Discover A Link Between Our Mind & Skin

 It's no surprise to me that scientists have now discovered a link between feeling good on the inside and having amazing skin on the outside.

 In a relatively new area of science, Psychodermatology argues the link between what goes on our insides affects our skin on the outside.

 It studies the link between our minds and our skin, looking at how inner turmoil manifests itself on the outside, and how we can improve and heal our skin by adopting a happier, positive life.

 When we worry about our skin, our bodies react to the stress and turmoil we feel and also the embarrassment.

 A 2018 study carried out by the British Journal of Dermatology found that patients suffering with severe acne were at increased risk of suffering with depression or depressive tendencies than without acne.

A study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that people suffering with skin conditions, not only suffered with their skin, but also their emotional health.  Researchers in the study found that individuals affected by these skin conditions were more likely to feel anxious and suffer with low self-esteem. 

 Our Skin When We're Stressed

It's no surprise to me and I suspect you, that our skin reacts to how we feel inside.  When we are stressed and frazzled, our skin is more likely to play up, manifesting itself in a breakout.

 The best way to counter such stresses is by taking the time for you, some chill time to relax and stay sane.


The Rose Tree - Positive Beauty

When we're stressed our bodies auto-responses kick in, the fight or flight response.  This is all good and well in the face of danger.  But in the face of smaller, everyday stresses, our bodily systems just get worn out, and these everyday systems impact our skin and health.

 Our Skin & Counteracting Daily Stress

By taking time to prioritise self-care you are protecting your emotional immune system, and making a commitment to yourself that you are important.  And when you look back at your reflection you might even see a more calm, radiant version of you smiling back.


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