Autumn Skincare Made Easy

Autumn Skincare Made Easy


Autumn is around the corner and your skin could use a little help.

Can I tell you a secret. Whenever I do a personal consultation with a new customer, irrespective of their particular skincare concerns I inevitably end up recommending a facial oil.


Needing a Serious Dose of Hydration?


Skin that is dry and needs a serious dose of hydration?

Skin that is oily prone and to break outs?

Skin that is super sensitive?

That's because a facial oil can be incredibly effective, once you get over that fear of putting an oil on your face.


Pure & Concentrated with No Fillers


The ingredients that we use are super pure and concentrated without any empty fillers.

What you see is what you get.

Couple this with my Cleansing Butter and you have a powerful skincare duo that really will set you up for radiant skin.

No 10 step skincare routine, no fuss, no sand -paper type exfoliator to 'resurface' your skin.

Simple really is best, and for skin that is sensitive it is a must.


Fast & Faff Free


If you want to dig deeper and understand how a facial oil works, check out our post here.

If you want to keep it simple I have 2 recommendations for you:

For skin that can be tricky; oily, prone to breakouts, acne sufferers, rosacea sufferers go for our Facial Essence with Rose & Marula.

I use organic rose fruit oil, combine it with Raspberry seed oil and oil from the Marula tree and blend that with naturally antiseptic frankincense and sebum balancing palmarosa oil.

For skin that is dry or dehydrated and suffers in the colder months, go for my Deep Nourish Facial Essence with Rose & Blackcurrant.

This is packed with the most potent hydrating oils we can find, rose, blackcurrant, cranberry, pomegranate and coupled with rose flower oil and neroli essential oil.

There is no magic or artifice here, no hiding of cheap fillers, no hero ingredient at 1% diluted in a paraffin derived base.

I'm all about British inspired simplicity and luxury - and delivering real results to my lovely customers. 

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