Amazing Skin with Marshmallow

Amazing Skin with Marshmallow
Forget the sugar packed, raspberry ripple, sticky toffee combo and opt for marshmallow that will gently nurture your skin, combatting seasonal dullness and helping give your skin a natural glow.   


My organic Intensive Balm with Marshmallow & Frangipani is a hydration boosting, radiance restoring balm with a beautifully velvety feel.

None of that heavy, pore clogging you can get with some balms.  Instead think light and velvety with the most amazing all natural floral scent.


Packed with organic marshmallow (Althea Officinalis) infused sunflower oil, this decadently delicious yellow butter is a hydrating lifesaver.


The humble Marshmallow plant has been used for centuries for its soothing and hydrating action, with the sticky sap, or 'mucilage' being used  as an ingredient for sugary treats.

Word has it that the Egyptians came up with the sweet treat that we love, combining the sap from the marshmallow plant with honey.  

During the 19th century, the French took this a step further moving away from the medicinal properties of marshmallow; (think toothache and sore throats),  combining it with sugar and corn syrup to create that puffy confection we recognise today. 
We take our marshmallow gently macerated in sunflower oil and combined with some decidedly potent botanicals to give a 93% organic velvety balm. 

Think argan oil, amaranth seed oil C02 extract, camellia oil and blue chamomile combined with frangipani flower extract for a beautifully uplifting natural scent.

This was one of my very first Rose Tree products when I launched, and I am super proud to announce that it has just won gold in the Janey Loves Platinum 2020 Awards.

When I first created this balm for my own stressed skin, I was not sure how my customers would get on with it, but this has proved to be one of my most popular skincare balms, with its ability to hydrate, soften and beautiful frangipani scent, winning 7 awards to date.

And there's more good news.  When you purchase an Intensive Balm, The Rose Tree gives a child a day of access to books, through our giving partnership with Buy One Give One.  


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