Beat the Winter Blues with our 3 Quick Skin Tips

Beat the Winter Blues with our 3 Quick Skin Tips

Caught between winter and spring, it can leave the best of us feeling a little jaded.   Here are 3 tricks to a relaxed and happy you which won't  take forever or cost a fortune.

  1. Dig out that old bottle of essential oil you never quite know what to do with - lavender, rosemary, peppermint?  Pop a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on a tissue and inhale deeply, It will calm the mind.  Try a few drops on your pillow for a restful sleep.  Rosemary is great for slowing down a racing mind, helping concentration and headaches.  A few drops of peppermint on a tissue is fab for clearing your head and ditching a lingering cold.

  2. Change up your night time routine - nope not a 6 stage process that requires an armful of new products, try making just one simple change.  Switch from your regular cleanser to one of the balm types.  Ditch the foaming skin stripping types and the mineral oil laden cream.  Relaxed, happy skin is super easy…

A (natural plant) oil based cleanser will gently cleanse at the same time hydrating and prepping your skin for your day ahead. For oily, combination skins, an oil based product will help balance oil production and reduce oiliness and breakouts.  Yup really. 

The only possible exception is if your skin is super oily where you might want to try a wash off product.  By massaging the balm gently into your skin  you can benefit from a rejuvenating and circulation boosting treatment.  It is great for puffy skin, early morning start anyone?  Massaging relaxes muscles and connective tissue and can even soften those expression lines.

With my Carrot & Mango Butter I like to warm the butter in my fingers, massage into my skin, finish with my eyes if I am wearing eye makeup and then remove with a cloth wrung through with hand hot water.

3. My third tip turns your shower into an aromatherapy mini session.  Take which ever essential oil you have lying around and add a couple of  drops (less is more here) to a tablespoon of oil from the kitchen - whatever you have handy (almond, sunflower etc.)  Before jumping into your shower, smooth the oil over your body.  When the warm water hits your skin, enjoy breathing in the therapeutic oils plus you'll have super soft skin when you get out.

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