Ultimate Skincare Ingredients - Marula Oil

Ingredients make all the difference,  the difference between a mediocre formulation filled with cheap stuff and an effective formulation that will mean you see visible results with your skin.



Marula oil is one of the stars of our award winning facial essence, (read love!)  cold Pressed from the dried Marula seed and used for centuries in its native South Africa and Swaziland, where it's used by local women to hydrate and protect their skin with its high antioxidant and fatty acid levels.  And our Marula oil is Fair Trade (you know that's the way we do things at TRT right?)


Marula oil  improves skin hydration, skin smoothness and reduces redness, it makes for radiant and super soft skin!  It is also used to protect against stretch marks,  and soften scar tissue. 


Irrespective of whether you eat them or smother then on your skin, antioxidants help reduce environmental damage from the sun and everyday pollution, and  Marula oil is antioxidant rich.  Antioxidants penetrate the skin and  turn harmful free radicals -  the molecules that form as a result of exposure to sunlight and pollution - into harmless compounds which in turn stops them from destroying elastin and collagen.  

Marula Oil  has been shown to have superior free radical scavenging properties. Tests and commercial trials to investigate the potential of Marula oil as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations have been successfully carried out. Tests included skin hydration, trans-epidermal water loss and increase in skin smoothness with Marula oil performing significantly well.

On a personal note, this is where it all started for me & The Rose Tree, the Cinderella like transformation from dehydrated, stressed red skin to super hydrated radiance!

"I have been using this oil for a good few months now and I am beyond amazed at the results. I have been suffering from rosacea for a few years and have found it hard to find products which don't aggravate my skin further. Using this oil morning and evening my skin is softer and always feels hydrated, it works well even under my daily make up. I would be lost without it now!" - Customer Review - Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula

For skin needing a hydration boost or that suffers from red-ness, this is an ingredient to watch out for!  It is the star ingredient in our award winning Radiance Facial Essence here.  Or if you would like to try a small sample size, you can find that here!

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