We've been promising you something new...

Well, we've been promising you something new..  and here it is, our Limited Edition Soothing Bath Oil with Geranium, Cypress & Lavender, the perfect pick me up for spring!


A luxurious and indulgent bath treatment oil which not only leaves skin subtly scented and silky soft, but delivers soothing and healing properties with the addition of organic Chickweed oil and soothing Calendula oil.  

Baths are the perfect luxury to complete a holiday weekend, a calorie free indulgence that allows you to sooth away the stresses  of the day and forget about the chocolate fuelled sugar-highs that have had the kiddies bouncing from the ceiling.

But this comes with none of the compromises you have to make with your current bubble bath, the tight skin, dryness and irritation; instead you get pure organic luxury; a warm, woody scent from our synergistic pure essential oil blend and the addition of skin loving, conditioning ingredients. 



Our organic Calendula flowers are macerated in high oleic sunflower oil to promote suppleness and hot-macerated British Chickweed  counters sensitive and irritated skins along side the luxurious Jojoba, Apricot and Safflower Oils  and wrinkle busting vitamin E; the top notch ingredients you have come to expect from The Rose Tree.

And if you are already on that countdown  back to work tomorrow, remember  you can use our Soothing Bath Oil in the shower for a few stolen moments of indulgence and super soft, hydrated skin.

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