Controlling the Ageing Process

Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes as your skin gets older?  Wrinkles, fine lines, dryness?  We are all familiar with the external signs of ageing - too familiar sometimes, but what is really happening?

 As we age, behind the scenes, we all begin to lose skin cells.  Some of this is down to our genetic disposition; it just happens as we get holder, but much of skin ageing is down to environmental influences such as our diet and lifestyle choices. 

 Scientists still disagree as to exactly how much of the ageing process is tied to our genetics and how much is environmental, but a recently study indicated that only 3% ageing is genetic with over 90% being environmental.  The men in white coats might disagree about the exact numbers - but even if that's only the right ballpark,  90% is huge  - and good news for you and I.

 We have far more control over how we age than was previously thought.  The environmental culprits won't surprise you; sun exposure, diet, smoking, drinking… but the fact remains a part of how we age is down to us!

 Over exposure to the sun results in skin damage from ultraviolet radiation resulting in photo ageing and the breakdown of collagen in the skin and the tell-tale visible signs of ageing that we all recognise.

 A western style diet, made up of a high percentage of processed and refined foods will speed up the ageing process, a  nutrient rich diet high in fruit and vegetables has the power to slow down the ageing process.  In particular your skin will love a diet with plenty of  vitamins, especially A, C and E.

 Evidence is also beginning to show that some types of food causes the body to age.  AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products) are caused by foods that are browned eg roasted meats and refined sugars; eating large quantities of these foods causes large amounts of AGEs in the body which in turn is linked to the ageing process.  Foods high in AGEs are animals products while those lowest in AGEs are fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

 So what can we do?  Lifestyle factors are probably the single largest influence on how we age, diet, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption etc. followed by environmental ageing factors eg sun exposure.  Then it comes down to what you put on your skin, the products you use and their ingredients.  Look out for anti-ageing cosmaceuticals and see what works best on your skin!  You can find our range of luxurious, effective an indulgent skincare here.

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