Top Tips for Great Skin

Here at Rose Tree Headquarters we live and breath all thinks skin.  In the space of 8 hours today, we have melted huge chunks of our Monoi de Tahiti infused coconut oil to make into our award winning Lip Butter. 

We have sniff tested seven different chamomile essential oils to get the perfect scent for one of our new products (still top secret for now!)  and have drafted reply after reply to Rose Tree customers wanting advice on the perfect skincare regime for them.  And the question we get asked the most is always how can I get healthy, glowing skin, the sort that smiles out at all of us out of those glossy magazines.

So here, our founder, Olga Rumble shares her top 5 tips on how you can get great skin.

Top Tip 1
Be happy.  Yup I know, a bit of a strange one, but your face represents you, whether you are happy, tired, stressed; it all shows.  In the same way, when you are rested and happy it shows in your face.  Relax, be happy, take time out to do whatever makes you happy, you are worth it!

Top Tip 2
Use a facial oil.  Lose the fear of putting oil on your skin, yup even if you have oily or combination skin!  A well formulated facial oil, will hydrate your skin and help in the battle against wrinkles and fine lines.  Plus  when made with pure organic ingredients your skin gets the benefit of direct potent botanicals, without  any fillers; great irrespective of your skin type, even sensitive skin.  Our own Radiance Facial Essence is comprised of ten different botanical ingredients with the ability to hydrate, improve skin texture and fight lines and wrinkles.

Top Tip 3
Practice a spot of facial massage.  Don't just slap your products on to your face in a haphazard way.  How you apply them is important.  You've found the perfect products for your skin so take the time to apply them well.  Spend five minutes in front of the mirror massaging the oil into your face, working section by section, gently circling with your fingertips and applying light pressure; your forehead, up to your temples, cheeks and jaw, and finishing with light sweeping movements  up your face using the palm of your hands.  It makes a real difference.

Top Tip 4
Get your beauty sleep.  It is only when you are in deep sleep mode that your body can get on with its repair and detoxification processes.  If you have trouble dropping off, find an aid that works for you - an essential oil bath, a spritz of lavender, chamomile tea.  Studies show that poor quality sleep can accelerate the signs of ageing and weaken the skin's ability to repair itself.

Top Tip 5
Look after your skin from the inside.  It doesn't matter how amazing your skincare products are, if you are putting rubbish into your body you can't expect it to somehow magically deliver great skin.  You know the culprits; processed food, smoking, no exercise, alcohol…  I am not suggesting you become a nun overnight -  but find a balance, we all have to take responsibility for our own wellbeing. 

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