Why you need Honey in your Skincare

Why you need Honey in your Skincare

When you think of honey, the first thing that may come to mind is the golden, delicious, sticky stuff you like to spread on your toast in the morning. (Or is that just us?)  But did you know that honey is also a miracle worker for your skin!

 Yes, those times when you and the girls got together on a night in  making DIY facial masks, were doing a whole lot more good for you than you ever realised. Honey has incredible antibacterial and antioxidant rich properties.

 Why Honey is so Good for the Skin

 Honey can be traced back as far as 8000 years (yup really it is official..) and when mixed with milk was used by Egyptian women for smooth and silky skin.  So valued was honey in ancient Egypt, that the honey bee became the symbol of the Pharaoh.

 There's a good chance that including honey in your skincare regime won't only help you toward the clear complexion we all yearn for, it can also be used to treat all sorts of skin nasties. Honey can help treat these common issues:


Raw, organic honey (the only kind we use obviously) is antioxidant packed and can help with ageing skin and giving it a healthy glow.


Honey is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic and so is great for acne prone skin or problem skin.  The benefits of honey are also being investigated in the battle with MRSA bacteria.

Dull Skin:

Glowing skin is a spoonful of honey away!   Honey is a humectant and able to retain moisture and keep skin hydrated, and supple.  Great for a hydration boost and for soft, healthy looking skin.

 Not All Honey Is Created Equal

Of course you only get the fabulous skin benefits from honey if, well errr, your honey is really honey.   Check those ingredients, honey needs to be completely unadulterated.  Organic, raw honey means that it is not treated, and nothing is added to it.  Our guarantee is that the wildflower honey we use is organic, chemical free and not heat treated or pasteurised.  We are rather particular about that!

Not only do these local bees provide us with this skin-healthy and nutritious treat, they are also vital to our very existence.

We use organic honey in our award winning Honey & Rose Treatment Scrub For an all over body glow,  while removing dead skin cells, and stimulating the circulation.  It's the perfect way for an at home spa treatment with its lovely floral aroma thanks to the rejuvenating Palmarosa Oil! 

 And of course, it's always a good time to slather it on a crumpet…

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