3 Reasons to Love Vitamin E

3 Reasons to Love Vitamin E

When it comes to your skin, there’s no getting away from the fact that what you put into your body has a major impact on the health and condition of your skin on the outside. If you eat a diet full of fatty, fried foods, lacking in essential nutrients, it will be reflected in your skin in the form of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and breakouts, to name a few.

As the days get longer, it becomes easier to think about switching from a carbohydrate-filled comfort eating mode to a lighter, healthier diet. Incorporating essential fatty acids and a rainbow of vegetables into your diet will provide you with an array of vitamins and minerals, which will help your skin glow.

One of our favourite vitamins for your skin is Vitamin E.

Why is Vitamin E So Important for My Skin?

Along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant vitamin as it fights off free radicals in the body, which helps protect against disease.

Free radicals contribute to many of the signs of aging we recognise, such as fine lines, dehydrated skin and a reduction in collagen in the skin resulting in dull skin.

By consuming foods rich in Vitamin E, you can help to slow down and prevent the premature signs of aging due to its powerful antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Vitamin E for the Skin

 Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation is one of the leading causes of skin ageing as well as inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne.

 May Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer – Helps to protect the skin against damage caused by UV radiation

 Deeply Hydrating – Provides deep moisture to diminish problems of dry or dehydrated skin

Healing – Helps to heal wounds and scars more quickly

To reap the benefits yourself, here are our favourite Vitamin E rich foods:


Avocados are rich in not only Vitamin E, but essential fatty acids too, which can help lower blood pressure and boost your mood. There are so many ways to enjoy them! They are simply delicious alone with some sea salt and pepper and a fried egg or why not try this delicious chocolate avocado pudding!


All nuts are a good source of Vitamin E, but almonds take the lead with hazelnuts coming in at a close second. Try dipping them in some dark, melted chocolate or sprinkling them over your cereal. Be sure to only purchase unsalted, raw nuts though as salted nuts defeat the purpose! Try this awesome homemade nutty granola.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens, particularly Swiss Chard, and Kale are incredibly rich sources of vitamin E and eating these leafy greens on a daily basis guarantees a gorgeous glowing skin. If salad isn’t your thing, why not add them to a fruity smoothie or try whipping up these mouth-watering kale chips!

Sunflower Seeds

These are the perfect seeds to add to your diet if you are looking for a vitamin E boost. You only need a tablespoon a day and our favourite way to enjoy them is simply over our favourite oatmeal or muesli in the morning!

Prawns / Shrimp

If you are a seafood lover then this is good news for you! Prawns take the prize for highest Vitamin E content, but crayfish and oysters follow close behind. Try this delectable garlic-honey shrimp recipe tonight!

Be sure to include them in your diet at least a few times a week and get ready to enjoy the skin loving benefits! Our favourite? – Definitely the chocolate and avocado pudding!

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