5 Best Facial Oils for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Dry sensitive skin ?  This is the number one complaint amongst my customers. 

Often exacerbated by other skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea, it's just another pressure on our already time starved lives.

Dry, itchy bit around the hairline?  (My absolute favourite… not)  Sore, bumpy bits on your cheeks.  Flushed cheeks?

And to top it all, dry skin leaves you looking older, parched and stressed  and depleted of  any glow factor. 

But there are plenty of natural helpers available that make a real difference, with plant oils being my favourite way of delivering high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin.

And you don't have to wait forever to see a difference.

These are five of my favourites that I use in my facial oils for dry and sensitive skin that pack a punch and hydrate & soothe naturally.

1 - Jojoba

One of my top choices, jojoba  is a true multi tasker in the world of natural skincare.  It's absorbed extremely easily by the skin and because it is a wax and not an oil, it's non greasy and great for hydration but without giving that too-rich feel.

Because it's deep penetrating, it's also super-stable; some of the botanicals we use are potent but fragile, and it's always a balancing act between fabulous benefits of an ingredient versus its' stability.

Jojoba reduces wrinkles, helps to treat psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis, and brings the skin back to its normal vitality and gives it a healthy glow (read pretty amazing).

You can find it in our Deep Nourish Facial Essence, and it's also a key ingredient in our organic Body Oils.  Look out for it in its inci format, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil on the label.

 2 - Rosehip Fruit Oil

Rosehip is one of the best oils for seeing a visible difference with your skin, helping  both acne,  rosacea prone skin, and countering dry, itchy and inflamed skin.


It's full of essential fatty acids and vitamin A - both of which give a clue to its effectiveness in reducing lines and wrinkles.  The essential fatty acids hydrate the skin and help smooth out wrinkles plus they are crucial for maintaining healthy skin.  And it's these same fatty acids which give a rejuvenating and regenerating effect to the skin.

It also feels great on the skin; it is known as a 'dry' oil because it does not leave any sort of oily feel on the skin, instead it is hydrating and fast absorbing. 

Best of all there have been a number of clinical trials carried out which does bear out its reputation.  In trials, it has been found to have a positive effect on the skin of people with wrinkles, UV damage and even scars, regenerating the skin, slowing the down the signs of ageing and improving the skin's natural colour and tone.

 3 - Blackcurrant Fruit Oil

Vitamin C packed and GLA rich, this is a superb skin hydrating oil, softening, smoothing and texture improving. 

For stressed skin, this sexy purple little number does the business.  Dull, chapped, too much time in the sun? 

Eczema, dry itchy skin?  Due to its essential fatty acid content and anti-inflammatory properties  blackcurrant can help sort all of these. 

These potent little berries, that you can still find in British hedgerows if you look hard enough, are seriously good for skin.  You can find it in our Deep Nourish Facial Essence, and it find it on the label under Ribes Nigrum (Blackcurrant) Fruit Oil

 4 - Argan Oil

Argan Oil has seen a huge jump in popularity, and with good reason.  It is Vitamin E and fatty acid rich making it great for treating skin topically. 

It pumps and smooths skin , restores skin tone and elasticity and protects skin from environmental impacts.    It is sebum regulating,  and can help with acne prone skin.

The nuts from which argan oil is produced are hand dried for days in the sun before being smashed by hand to get the oil out, an ancient technique still sued by Morocco's Berber women.

You can find it in our Deep Nourish Facial Essence, and our Intensive Balm.  Look out for Argania Spinsosa Oil on the label.

 5 - Avocado Oil

Rich and soothing, this is one of my favourite oils for dry an sensitive skins.  It particularly helps to hydrate parched skins, to add glow and revive tired skin. 



Rich in vitamins A, D and E, it is rich in oleic acid, deeply penetrating and hydrates nourishes and softens.  Because it is such a rich emollient, it's great for dry, itchy and thirsty skin.

You can find it in our Radiance Facial Essence.  It appears on the label as  Persea Gratissima Oil.



Jill said:

I was really sceptical about using oils on my face, but using the rose and marula has made such a difference to my skin, even my partner commented on how much better it was!

The Rose Tree

The Rose Tree said:

Hi Jill, I can’t stress enough how well facial oils work for most of my customers, although common sense suggests they would make you break out! So glad to hear about your experience! Olga x


MummyJummy said:

What an interesting article. I’ve noticed Argan Oil being used in shampoos etc of late but not in a facial product. I do suffer with horrid dry red cheeks so will treat myself to the Facial Essence and see how I get on.
Thank you!

The Rose Tree

The Rose Tree said:

Marula oil is great for reducing redness, definitely try it. If your skin is really dry, also think about our Deep Nourish Facial Essence, that will help hydrate and nourish your skin naturally. Let us know how you get on :)

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