All Change - An Update from Olga

I have news.

Positive I think - maybe a bit scary.

For the last 7 years I have conjured up aromatherapy magic between moments stolen from my other job.

It has been amazing. 

More than 30 awards for my products.  (Still can't believe that!) 

I have customers around the world, and I got to launch to a department store chain in Asia.  (A bit of a learning experience that one if I'm honest, mainly in what not to do).

And you my super loyal customers.

But since before the pandemic my heart has been itching for a change in pace.

I love what I do.

But there is a disconnect between what I preach about wellbeing and my reality.  Most times I am stressed up to my eye balls balancing too many balls.

So I have decided to do something about it.

From next month I will be focussing 100% of my time on TRT.  At least for 6 months depending on how much progress I can make, what my sales look like and how long my savings last!

I appreciate the timing is a bit off - give up my job as we head into a recession. 

But it was now or never - so am going to see how with my full focus how much of a difference I can make.  I might be mad.

There may be weeks ahead where I just cry.  My hope is that I can continue do what I love, get better and spread the Rose Tree word wider.

And I need your help with two things.

Firstly I will be looking at my product range and maybe adding a few new shiny additions for you.  I have some ideas.  But what I really want is you to tell me what is it you would like to see.  That one thing you are crying out for.

Secondly if there is one thing you think I can do better or differently, I would love to hear that.

Just hit reply or ping me on Facebook or Instagram.  Whatever is easiest for you.

I am excited (and a bit scared) about what tomorrow brings.

 Sending you love,

Olga - Rose Tree Founder

June 08, 2022 by Olga Rumble

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