Maximising the life of your Luxury Organic Candles

OK so you have made the extremely difficult choice and decided which of our delectable essential oil blends to go for (!!) - How do you get the best from it?

Because we use a customised blend of pure vegetable wax, and an unbleached cotton wick, you will not get any of the soot or harmful fumes that you get with paraffin or mineral waxes.*  That said, there are still things you can do to maximise the life of your candle - and get the best from it.

The wick is the key to a great candle - it acts as the fuel delivery system,  pulling the melted wax upwards to be burnt in the flame.  Too large a wick and the candle will burn with too big a flame, too little and it will struggle to burn and may go out.  The Rose Tree luxury organic candles have been tested extensively, to deliver the perfect marriage of wax, wick and essential oils. 

When you burn one of our candles, especially the first time,  aim to burn it for between 2-4 hours.  You want to burn it for long enough so that the wax  melts all the way out to the edges, if you burn if for a shorter time, the wax will burn in a narrower circle and will eventually 'tunnel' wasting some of your precious wax and therapeutic essential oils.

Before re-lighting your candle check the length of the wick, and trim if necessary.  You  are aiming for the wick to be approximately 1cm.  Burning with a wick that is too long, increases the chance of having a flame that is too large and may damage the candle glass.  We recommend using a specialist wick trimmer, which allows for easy trimming and collects the wick trimmings without the risk of them falling back into your candle and ruining its look.  When putting out your candle, we suggest the use of a candle snuffer to avoid blowing hot wax everywhere.

Because we use 100% pure essential oils in our hand poured luxury organic candles,  you get the added therapeutic benefits of the essential oils when you breathe in the scented air, so feel free to luxuriate in  their power.  The different oils have different properties which we will cover in more detail in a later blog. 

Please remember to heed all the warnings on your candle - and finally and most importantly enjoy it!


*See here for a BBC article discussing the risks associated with prolonged use of paraffin candles.

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